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Mens White Pants - Men's White Pants Make Comeback

men’s fashion shirts wedding

If you are a fashion guru, sit down for this one. Mens white pants appear to be the latest rage. Repeat. Mens white pants. These pants aren’t from the local thrift store, either. They are bonified name brand high quality pants.

The whole men’s white pants trend took off due to another trend, destination weddings. Summer weddings on the beach created dreamy postcard scenery with the bride in a flowing white outfit and the bridesmaids sporting white casual wear. Just imagine how the men’s dark colored suits or tuxedoes ruined a perfectly good happily-ever-after photo.

It made sense that the groom and the men in the wedding party would wear clothing to match the females. The formal attire rules seemed to disappear with the formal wedding rules and common sense prevailed. Now, white pants are the hottest thing since hybrid jalapeños. And that’s hot.

If you missed it in the tabloids, an infamous celebrity wedding in the news recently featured the white pants trend. The four men posing on the beach looked comfortable and stylish in true white pants fashion.

The groom wore a white button up top and white pants but the attendants proudly posed in those trendy men’s white pants with different colored shirts. The shirts matched the color of the belts on the girl’s outfits to give the group a classy coordinated look. The men’s tops were a gauze-like material, loosing fitting with ¾ length sleeves. The pastel yellow, orange and pink billowy shirts even looked like summer in a refreshing fruity way.

Obviously, the world of fashion evolves. The concept of the bride wearing white suggests purity or innocence. Plus, white has traditionally been a summer color. Your grandmother probably told you not to wear white shoes after Labor Day. White clothing helps you keep cool while darker colors absorb the sun. It only makes sense that mens white pants finally joined the fashion scene. The men wearing the pants are more comfortable and stylish because of it.

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