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Samsung Cell Phone Battery - Buying a Replacement Samsung Cell Phone Battery

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Samsung is responsible for some of the most popular cell phones today and throughout the past decade. Users of Samsung say they love their phones, no matter if they are entry-level, conventional phones, or state-of-the-art smart phones. They have responsive touchscreens, easy-to-use bars and sliders, and user-friendly, large-buttoned full QWERTY keyboards. If there is one problem that seems to permeate the brand, it is not the cell phone itself, but the Samsung cell phone battery.

Many users have experienced a short lifespan for Samsung cell phone batteries, necessitating a replacement far sooner than users are prepared to replace the phone. In many cases, the batteries were DOA, never working from the get go. Other users have reported batteries that never fully charge and last no longer than 20 minutes. Even fully-functional batteries never last as long as advertised.

Samsung phone batteries come in several styles. All of the newer batteries, however, are small lithium ion cartridges. A Samsung phone battery for an older, conventional cell phone is a larger item that is not only the battery, but it is also serves as the back casing of the phone. Most of the new lithium ion batteries sell new for about $45, but can often be found online for much less.

If you ever have a problem with a Samsung cell phone battery, it could still be covered by the warranty. If your phone is brand new, you can return it to retailer where it was purchased for a replacement. If the retailer’s return time has expired, it can still be returned to Samsung for a replacement free-of-charge. If the warranty has expired, a Samsung cell phone battery may still be covered if you have an insurance policy on your phone. Otherwise, all Samsung cell phone batteries can be purchased new on the company’s website. Third party, discount battery suppliers, however, will provide the exact same new battery for less.

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