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Wireless Surveillance Systems - Cheap Wireless Surveillance Systems for Home or Business

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Video surveillance systems are sprouting up everywhere in businesses of all sorts and in private homes. Many business and home owners are taking advantage of the lowering prices in electronics and specifically in wireless surveillance systems in order to foil rising crime. The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that over 15 million property thefts occur every year. This is 75% of all crime in the United States. Of these property thefts, almost 85% occur through burglaries of homes or businesses. To put these statistics into perspective, burglaries occur every 8 seconds in this country, and it is estimated that in the next 20 years three-fourths of existing homes will have been burglarized.

Although video surveillance originally developed for use in banks, over the years, it has proven effective as a tool for police to locate criminals and then again to ensure their prosecution. It was once a tedious and expensive job to install a video system. The equipment was priced out of the range that most households could afford. After purchase, it still required expensive installation that consisted of rewiring the home.

The wireless surveillance systems for sale today offer several benefits over old-style systems:

• Flexibility – Wireless surveillance cameras do not have to be in a fixed position like a wired unit. The cameras can be easily moved to different locations.
• Setup – Installation is fast and requires no special knowledge of electronics. Many people like to use their system only temporarily, such as during the holidays.
• Appearance – A wireless surveillance system is much more aesthetic than older systems because there are no wires running from the cameras and no unsightly holes in the walls.

The cameras for the newer wireless security systems are much more discreet than older cameras. They remain hidden in corners or dark areas relatively easily. This cuts down on people trying to circumvent the camera by tampering with it or moving outside the range of view. Most of the cameras now are also night-vision capable, allowing for monitoring without the need for bright lights.

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