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Firex Smoke Alarm - The FireX Smoke Alarm Soon to be Extinct

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For over 30 years the FireX smoke alarm has held a place at the top of the field. Evolving from a small start-up to a worldwide supplier in fire and carbon monoxide warning equipment, FireX was known for quality engineering, products, and service. This legacy is set to change soon with the acquisition of the company by one of its leading competitors – Kidde Fire & Security Company.

Some of the top-rated FireX smoke alarms are those that combine fire detection and carbon monoxide (CO) detection in one unit. While smoke can be detected through sensory perception, carbon monoxide can only be detected through a device. While fires are more common than high carbon monoxide levels, the detector for CO is indispensible. The FireX brand smoke alarm and CO alarm combo was a favorite of professional contractors and safety-oriented consumers alike. In addition, FireX used its own Smart Interconnect Wiring technology that allowed the FireX 12000 model to be connected to additional units along a single wired line. This made whole-home protection easy and affordable to install.

FireX smoke alarms and CO alarms used exclusive proprietary technology to them the best on the market. Unfortunately, the FireX brand will soon be no more. As existing inventory is sold, Kidde is working to incorporate the FireX smoke alarm technology into their self-named brand of devices. It is unclear what effect this will have on the once-reliable system. Already, FireX has stopped supporting its existing products, labeling the complete line as discontinued. Kidde offers some support, but it is limited as the company phases out the FireX name.

Although Kidde still uses the FireX name to sell smoke alarms, it is clear that they are doing very little to advertise them, and FireX smoke alarms are not part of their product list. For those who prefer the quality and craftsmanship that FireX represents, it is time to seek out the last few existing products before it is too late.

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