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Dkny Women's Shoes - How to Buy DKNY Women's Shoes

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Donna Karan started her career in fashion designing in the 1960s but didn’t break out until she launched her Donna Karan New York (DKNY) brand in 1988. One of the features of the brand is DKNY women’s shoes. They were originally designed to bring out the wearer’s youth in the modern world and big city living.

Even though women’s DKNY shoes are made for the big city, they are actually very versatile and comfortable. Donna Karan designed even her high-heels and dress shoes to be just as functional as they are beautiful. It is exactly because the shoes have captured the energy and essence of New York City that they are designed for walking. She also has said that her shoes are not made for models. They are made so that the everyday woman can look good at all times.

DKNY women’s shoes feature the classic silhouettes of each style, but the details made them extremely fashion-forward. These are the shoes that set the trends. They are made from only top-quality materials so they last beyond the season for which they were made. DKNY women’s shoes come in four basic styles: pumps, sandals, flats, and boots.

Some of the latest styles in the DKNY women’ shoe collection are as follows:

• Elena Ankle Strap Sandal (DY-K1005158) – Although Donna Karan is calling them sandals, these are strictly pumps featuring an all-over strap design, back zip closure, and 3.5” heels.
• Bella Strappy Sandal (DY-K2005275) – Another pump called a sandal, this shoe features thick straps and a 3.75” heel.

• Midori Runway Platform Ankle Bootie (DY-K2003242) – This low-cut platform boot is all-leather and features a rounded toe and a side buckle. It comes in black or gray.
• Antonia Peep Toe Bootie (DY-B2005197) – This peep-toe bootie is made of horizontal, all-over leather straps with a side zipper. This boot is available in black and chocolate.

Sandals and flats
• Sarasota (DY-23103405) – These flip-flop style flats feature leather straps, a rubber sole, and cork footbed.
• Huntington Active Wedge (DY-23195894) – This wedge-sandal features dual straps of leather and twill. The wedge reaches a height of 2.5”.

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