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Online Translation English To Spanish - The Top Online Translation Websites for English to Spanish

english spanish translation online

As the internet becomes more and more a basic part facet of life, nations and cultures become closer to each other and require us to interact. No longer are people content with staying inside their own culture, and online translation websites are quickly breaking the language barrier. For most Americans, their first introduction to a foreign language is Spanish, and it sometimes becomes necessary to translate not only a few words of text but entire websites from English to Spanish. This feature also allows English websites to be automatically translated into Spanish in order to widen the audience by millions of viewers.

While the online translation from English to Spanish is not perfect, the translations into Spanish seem to be much more accurate than other languages. Because the systems are automated, there are always problems with grammar, word syntax, and the use of idioms. These websites cannot be recommended for advanced translations, but are perfect for gaining a general understanding or basic comprehension of the text.

Here are the best websites for English Spanish translation online:

• Google Translate – Just a couple of years ago, Google Translate was still in beta, but has since become a full-featured translation tool that has risen above all the competition. Text can be typed or copied into the translation window and results are instantly available as they are typed with no need to even hit the “Translate” button. The site not only gives the translation but has an audio feature so you know how it is pronounced. Additionally, a dictionary is provided giving parts of speech and a thesaurus for other words closely related. Users can give suggestions when translations come up in error so that translations are partially human-created. Other translation options include full webpage translations and the ability to upload documents.

• FreeTranslation.com – This website has been offering online translation for English to Spanish for years. It has a language auto-detect feature and offers upgraded translation services for a small fee. Professional translation services can also be purchased from the website.

• Babel Fish – Babel Fish is the great-granddaddy of online translators. Once a feature of AltaVista, it now belongs to Yahoo. Translations are fast and accurate, but over the years it has not kept up on features available from newer services.

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