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Calvin Klein Briefs - Comparing Calvin Klein Briefs

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Calvin Klein launched his fashion design company way back in 1968, and Calvin Klein clothes became a smash hit the following year. Although the Calvin Klein Underwear division of the company didn’t launch until 1982, this is what Calvin Klein is best known for, today. Men’s Calvin Klein underwear is not only stylish, but it is high-quality and extremely durable. Production standards are matched by the final product’s comfort and functionality, which is why men like them. Women love guys in Calvin Klein men’s underwear because it makes them stylish and attractive.

Several collections of Calvin Klein briefs are now on sale. Each collection has its own features, design, and style. Here is a rundown of the Calvin Klein men’s underwear collections:

Body – This collection hugs the body with a flattering contour pouch. The signature series is 100% cotton, while the Body Stretch series uses 5% elastane. Twelve individual Body products are available, including the following:
• Hip Brief
• Regular Brief
• Trunk
• Boxer Brief

Black – The Black series is made of a breathable Italian microfiber that provides a modern fit and a style exhibiting the essence of luxury. Products include the following:
• Hip Brief
• Low Rise Trunk
• Boxer Brief

White – The White series is made of the finest cotton enhanced with a bit of stretch for a snug-looking, but comfortable fit. Specific products match the three styles of Black.

Calvin Klein Classics – The traditional whiteys are made of 100% cotton and are available in multi-packs.

Flexible Fit – This line of Calvin Klein briefs combines the classic design with a little stretch by adding 5% spandex to the cotton. Styles include the following:

Micro Modal – This line has a sleek and sexy body-defining fit. These briefs are made of 90% modal and 10% spandex.

Steel – The Steel collection of Calvin Klein men’s underwear is made of deluxe, enhanced cotton blended with microfiber. It features a metallic silver waistband.

Tech – This collection features the top technology for men’s underwear. The fabric is breathable yet regulates moisture. The collection is sub-categorized into Tech Active and Tech Cool.

X – The X series uses a blend of cotton, modal, and microfiber. The briefs feature bold, colored waistbands.

365 – This collection goes back to the basics with a soft, stretch cotton, but is available in an assortment of colors and striped designs.

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