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Extra Long Twin Mattress - Choosing an Extra Long Twin Mattress

extra long twin bedding twin extra long bedding

Regular bedding sizes do not always meet the needs of every situation. For children, a twin size mattress is just fine. It measures 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. In most cases, as the children grow, so does their bed. Unfortunately, as beds get longer to accommodate taller people, they also get wider. Space, however does not always allow for a wider bed. The next size up, the full mattress, is 54 inches wide, queens are 60 inches, and kings are 76 inches wide. One common setting where width becomes an extremely important factor is in a college dormitory. Because of these situations, a new size of mattress was invented – the extra long twin mattress. The extra long twin mattress has the same width as a regular twin but is 5 inches longer, making it 39” wide by 80” long.

Once an XL twin bed is purchased, it will be necessary to buy bedding. Even if the bed belongs to a college dormitory or residence hall, of which 90% use this size bed, new bedding is needed because either none is provided or it is much more appealing to sleep in sheets that are only yours. XL twin dorm beds can be set up in a few variations. Loft-style bunk beds seem like a good idea to some dorm designers, but they are impractical for many reasons, especially when having guests. In most cases, the side-by-side style with a walkway in the center is much more suitable because it allows both beds to be accessorized separately and independently.

After deciding upon extra long twin bedding, the next consideration is a set of sheets. This is a simple matter, as fitted sheets made for extra long twin mattresses are very easy to find. Another consideration is a mattress topper or mattress pad. XL twin mattresses are notorious for not being the most comfortable, especially the dorm room variety. Mattress pads fitted for XL twins are also easy to come by. Comforters and blankets specially made to fit this size mattress are more difficult to come by. For these pieces, it is perfectly fine to get a size bigger than the mattress.

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