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Credit Card Processing Business - Online Credit Card Processing for Business

business credit card services online credit card services

If you own a business, especially an online business, then you know how important credit card sales can be. To be able to take credit cards for payment, however, requires a merchant account with a credit card processing business. These companies offer business credit card services for mutual benefit. Your company benefits from increased sales by paying the credit card processor a small fee. While most credit card processors have traditionally been large financial institutions, many new companies are now offering competitive online credit card services.

With so much competition today, a good credit card processing business should be able to provide you with all of the top services. These services should including the following:

• Processing for multiple payment types – Your merchant account should not only be able to process credit cards, but should also be able to take debit cards, checks, and electronic checks.

• Mobile processing – Payments should be able to be processed in person with a card scanner or online to accommodate acceptance from any location in the world. Manual processing can also allow payments to be accepted when no internet connection is available.

• Security and fraud prevention – With so much identity theft going on, safeguards must be given to the merchant to avoid chargebacks. It is not the credit card companies that pay for fraud, it is the merchants.

To determine which credit card processing business is best for you, several criteria must be analyzed. Here are some of the factors to look at:

• Start-up cost – Most companies will charge a start-up fee. Compare fees to find the lowest.

• Setup time – Your account should be approved within the space of 24 hours to allow you to get into business as soon as possible. This is not an unreasonable request.

• Monthly cost – Fees will be charged per month for business credit card services. Compare the monthly fees of several companies before committing to one.

• Other fees – Other fees may include a per-use fee or a percentage fee based on the amount of the charge.

• Customer service – Customer service should be provided 24/7.

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