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Beacon Mavis Typing - Beacon Mavis Typing Review

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Since 1987, Beacon Mavis Typing has been the leading typing software in the world. It was originally created by a freelance programmer by the name of Charles Haymond and is now published by Encore Software as Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. Mavis Beacon, however, is only a fictional character within the program.

Mavis Beacon Typing is now in its 20th version and is better than ever. It can be purchased in stores on installation disks or be downloaded online. When downloading online, it should be noted that the program is 400 MB and takes awhile to install.

Once installed, Mavis Beacon Typing offers intensive memory training designed to help you learn proper typing in as little time as possible. When running the program, a classroom is displayed on your screen and you navigate through various lessons by clicking on objects in the classroom. The program is not only lessons, though. It also includes tips and videos on such aspects of typing as finger placement and proper posture. Lessons can also be customized so you can pinpoint your weak spots, and for down-times, the software offers typing-related games for some educational fun.

Features of Mavis Beacon Typing include over 330 lessons with 103 customizable lessons. Other features include the following:

• 12 typing games
• Progress reports and skills tracking
• New content such as jokes, song lyrics, and recipes
• A variety of music options
• Ability to attach custom music from your MP3 collection
• Certificates of completion
• Works with Windows and Mac OSX

As the gold standard of typing software, Mavis Beacon Typing is designed to do the job in as few as two weeks, but some users will want to use the software for much longer in order to perfect their new skills.

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