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Manassas Homes For Sale - Finding Manassas Homes for Sale

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Manassas is a mid-sized city in Prince William County, Virginia, in the northeast part of the state. The population of the city is 35,135. Manassas is 34 miles southwest of Washington, DC and is considered part of the DC metro area. The area of Manassas first became prominent in 1861 as the site of the First Battle of Bull Run, which began the Civil War. The Second Battle of Bull Run was fought the following year. At the time, Manassas was nothing more than railroad crossing. After the war, a town sprang up on the site and was officially incorporated in 1873. Over the years, the city developed because of its proximity to Washington, DC.

Manassas has 11,757 households occupying a total of 12,114 housing units. There are 550 to 600 Manassas homes for sale at any one time. This is a tight market, but it has seen one of the fastest recovery rates in home values from the U.S. housing crises. The median price of Manassas homes for sale is just over $250,000 but is steadily rising. The average price per square foot is $170. These figures do not include the 500 to 750 foreclosures that remain on the market. The median foreclosure price is $188,000. The median household income for the city is $60,409.

Drivers meaning to get to and from Manassas homes for sale must use city and county roads to get to VA-28, VA-234, US-29, and I-66, all of which lie outside the city. The economy of Manassas is based primarily on jobs in Washington, DC. Very little industry lies inside the city. Tourism, however, brings in money, however, as Manassas is such an important site of the Civil War.

Residents in Manassas homes are served by Manassas Public Schools. The district includes five elementary schools, and one each of a middle school and high school. Additionally, the district has one intermediate school for students in the fifth and sixth grades.

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