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Picture Of Money - A Picture of Money can Inspire Making Money

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Most of us realize the importance of money. Most of us also realize that we don’t have enough of it to meet all of our goals. We strive to make more money but at each step another bill comes our way and never see any of it. One technique that can help us achieve money is to use a picture of money. Visualization is a practice that has been around for years. It is a method to help people keep their goals in mind and keep them pushing towards ways to achieve those goals. Many people who use these techniques use them for their final goal or destination. In many cases, however, this goal can be bought with money, so using a picture of money can be just as effective.

The first item needed for this technique is an actual picture of money. Money itself can work also, but with a picture you have the option of being able to view large amounts of money. Try to get a picture with several thousand dollars. Large stacks of bills work well also. Keep this picture in a location you are in frequently. This can be at your desk, in your bedroom, or even in your bathroom. Whenever you have a few extra minutes, stare at the picture of money. See yourself in the picture with the money. Keep watching the picture of money until you see yourself clearly in the picture, and hold the image in your mind as you go about your regular activities.

The more you see yourself with the money, the more you will want to make money. This does not always work consciously. Visualization allows your subconscious to direct you towards money while leaving your conscious mind free to deal with the specifics of what you are doing and in interacting with others.

For best results, view the picture of money at least once per day, and repeat this technique of putting yourself in the picture of money until it is firmly in your memory.

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