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Baton Rouge Schools - Baton Rouge Schools and Colleges

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The area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is served by twelve districts of public schools. Baton Rouge Parish is served by East Baton Rouge Schools and West Baton Rouge Schools. Of those, the city of Baton Rouge is served by the district of East Baton Rouge Parish Schools. This district has a total enrollment of just over 50,000 students who attend one of 88 schools organized as follows:

• 52 elementary schools
• 13 middle schools
• 11 high schools
• 12 magnet and specialty academic schools

Teachers in Baton Rouge schools have a salary ranging from $36,604 to $53,001. The student/teacher ratio in the system is 15:1. All students in the system are required to wear school uniforms, with the exception of students at McKinley High School and Baton Rouge Magnet High School.

In addition to the public school system, 60,000 students attend one of 50 private or parochial schools in the city. Some of the top private schools in Baton Rouge include the following:

• Episcopal High School (9-12)
• Parkview Baptist School (K-12)
• Sacred Heart School (K-8)
• The Dunham School (preK-12)
• St. Joseph’s Academy (Girls 9-12)
• Christian Life Academy (preK-12)

Baton Rouge schools of higher education include Louisiana State University (LSU) and Southern University (SU). LSU boasts over 32,000 students participating in over 100 undergraduate programs and several graduate programs, including medicine and law. LSU’s full-time faculty is over 1,300 strong and it is one of the few universities in the area with land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant research centers. SU is the largest African-American university in the United States. SU hosts 10,000 students in 13 colleges. Also in the city is Baton Rouge Community College. Baton Rouge Community College is a two-year institution with a growing enrollment of 8,000 current students.

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