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Music Degree Online - How to Get a Music Degree Online

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Pursuing a degree in higher education is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can experience. It goes without saying that a person of musical talent hardly requires a degree to pursue a musical career as a performer, but a degree can help a musician to acquire a day job in the music industry to make ends meet between gigs. There is no doubt that music is a difficult industry in which to make a living, and the problem many practicing musicians have with going to school and obtaining a degree is their erratic schedules in work and life. To circumvent these problems it is possible to obtain a music degree online.

Online music training will not only make a musician more viable in the job marketplace, but it will also make them a better musician by giving them an understanding in music theory, music history, and the technicality of music. The curriculum of an online music degree program covers both the skills required to play a desired instrument, group of instruments, or singing, but it also gives the student a strong foundation in theoretical music. Overall, this will enlarge the student’s enjoyment of music in general. As students study reading, composing, and performing music they will be more prepared than ever to use their love of music to make a living. Another subject covered in an online music degree is the advances in technology. Computers now play a very important role in both music recording and performing.

Some students who pursue a music degree online have no intention of becoming a performer or a recording artist. Several fringe careers are available to those with music degrees, such as music journalism, media production, and studio management. Other students go on to become professional music teachers and coaches. The program will also help students to make important contacts in the music world.

The job outlook for musicians holding a degree is extremely positive. The music industry is expected to grow by 10 to 23 percent through 2016. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average wages for musicians range from $20.00 to $27.00 per hour, while directors and composers make an average salary of $40,000 per year. Teachers earn an average of $55,000 annually.

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