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Samsung Phone Charger - The Types of Samsung Phone Charger

samsung cell phone charger samsung phone chargers

Samsung has been a leader in technology innovations for over 70 years. They were quick to get into the business of cell phones and now are one of the leading designers and manufacturers in the world. They produce phones for every carrier in the U.S. market, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Some of their top-selling phones are the Wave, Omnia, Rogue, Jet, and Solstice. None of these phones, however, will get very far without a quality Samsung cell phone charger.

Although the phones come with basic, home Samsung phone chargers, they do not work in every situation. They are durable chargers and high-quality, but accidents happen and sometimes just a replacement is needed. While waiting for a replacement it helps to have a different type of charger available. Here are some of the types of Samsung cell phone charger available:

Home Charger – This is the standard charger that comes included with the phone. It is durable and has a long cord to accommodate home situations.

Travel Charger – The travel charger is made for use in a car. It fits into the vehicle’s 12-volt power adapter or the cigarette lighter socket. It allows for simultaneous talking and charging. A built-in chip in the charger protects the cell phone battery from overcharging and overheating.

Emergency Charger – The emergency Samsung cell phone charger uses a specially designed cylinder that accepts a single AA battery to transfer the power to the phone’s battery. This sleek charger is great for a back-up or any time you are not near an electrical outlet or in a car.

Solar Charger – The solar charger is the newest type of the Samsung phone chargers. The solar cell collects the power of the sun and converts into electricity to power an attached phone. This is the perfect device for the environmentally conscious who spend a lot of time outdoors.

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