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Colleges In Ny - Top Colleges in NY

new york city colleges

When people thing of New York City, being a home of top universities does not immediately come to mind. New York is the world’s most cosmopolitan city and the anchor of the United States, but it also provides some of the top educational opportunities in the U.S. Universities and colleges in NY are diverse in their specialties, but provide a quality education in any major field.

Here are the top New York City colleges and universities:

Columbia University
Columbia University is often described as a city all itself. The Morningside Heights campus is in upper Manhattan and it aims at producing well-rounded graduates prepared for the real world. Columbia began in 1754 as King’s College. Classes were suspended during the American Revolution but the institution reopened as Columbia College in 1784 and is regarded as the country’s first independent university. The Columbia campus is as diverse as the city outside it and they begin their studies with a core-curriculum heavy in philosophy, politics, literature, and art. All students are required to take the year-long classes, Contemporary Civilization and Literature Humanities before graduation. After completing general education, students are free to concentrate on a choice of 90 majors in 55 different departments. Admission requirements are strict, and the university does much of its own recruiting, scouring high schools nationwide for the best and brightest. Admission rates stand between 10 and 11 percent.

New York University
New York University is in the center of Greenwich Village at Washington Square Park. It is a private research institution that many say represents the stereotypical college setting and experience. It was first established in 1831 by NYC residents trying to make New York a center of culture. Students of NYU are known to be some of the most ambitious in the country, choosing from 160 programs taught through 8 colleges on campus. The application process at NYU is very thorough.

Barnard College
Barnard is one of the most well-known colleges in NY. It is an all-women’s college that teaches some 2,300 students. Barnard aims to make sure its degrees are extremely valuable to its graduates, and the curriculum is tough. They focus on reasoning, writing, and foreign language. Over 60 majors are available at Barnard and it has a top-rated program for performing arts. It is the most sought after women’s college in the U.S., so admissions are as tough as the curriculum.

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