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Jack Vettriano Art - Buying Jack Vettriano Art

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Jack Vettriano was born Jack Hoggan on November 17, 1951 in Methil, Fife, Scotland, to parents of Italian descent. He was not introduced to painting until being presented with a watercolors set when he turned 21. His first effort was a copy of Poppy Fields by Monet. Over the next decade most of his paintings were copies or imitations of the great impressionist paintings held in the Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery.

Deciding to go further with his painting, Vettriano submitted several paintings for museum exhibition in 1984. After honing his skills for another four years, he then submitted to paintings at the Royal Acottish Academy Show. He became an instant success and several galleries asked for the privilege of being able to sell his work. It was at this time he changed his name from Hoggan to Vettriano, derived from his mother’s maiden name.

Today, Vettriano art regularly sells for six-figure sums, and many of his paintings have become popular poster prints. It is estimated he makes over $1 million every year just from print sale royalties. His original works are held in both private and public collections worldwide. Many, also, remain for sale in commercial galleries. The Vettriano painting to secure the highest price is The Singing Butler, sold 2004 for over $1.1 million.

Jack Vettriano currently works between London and Kirkcaldy, Scotland. He paints new work and makes personal reproductions of some of his most celebrated works, such as The Missing Man I, Mad Dogs, In Thoughts of You, The Picnic Party, Back Where You Belong, and Waltzers. These works are also his best-selling prints.

Prints of Vettriano art can be bought in most major art stores and in selected galleries. There are also dozens of online art stores featuring his works. Many of these galleries report Vettriano artworks are their best-selling products. Most prints are available in multiple sizes and can cost anywhere from $19.99 and up to several hundred for the highest-quality, professional prints.

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