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Cheap Web Server - Choosing a Cheap Web Server

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Today, it seems that everyone has their own website. This is made possible because the market has been overrun with companies providing a cheap web server that is affordable to anyone. Competition has provided webmasters with a great opportunity to get their website on the internet fast and without breaking the bank.

To find a cheap web server, you will have to look at a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting is when the owner of the web server partitions the space on a single server to be used by multiple customers. This means that one server can host several different websites owned and managed by different people. The top websites use what is called dedicated hosting. This means that one server, or several linked servers, hosts a single website. Dedicated hosting is much more expensive than shared hosting and requires the website owner to perform several administrative and security tasks. With a shared hosting service, the basic administrative and management tasks are performed by the hosting company.

A cheap web server using shared hosting is controlled by partition through a web-based application called a control panel. The control panel is password protected and offers several options in uploading a website and adding features to the website. To make having a website even cheaper, many shared hosting companies offer free web domain names as part of a package deal. Without a web domain, one must be registered separately for an annual fee.

For the most part, a cheap web server will be run on a Linux-based operating system. This is because Linux is much cheaper to purchase and maintain than Microsoft Windows. Today, however, Linux-based web servers can do just as much as a Windows server, are just as stable, and very reliable. Most new webmasters will not even notice a difference. The major differences are that Linux cannot use the ASP.NET framework and instead of SQL databases, they use MySQL databases.

When choosing a cheap web server, three factors are very important: price, performance, and features. Look for the host offering the most features, the longest guaranteed uptime, the fastest loading speed, and the lowest price.

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