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Time Warner Digital Phone - Benefits of Time Warner Digital Phone Service

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Anyone who subscribes to cable television has, by now, already received dozens of advertisements by their cable provider asking them to sign up for digital phone service. Many subscribers have balked at the service so far, fearing the new technology and remembering rumors long-past of bad connections, hard-to-hear static audio, and dropped calls. Today, however, quality has improved, and Time Warner digital phone service is just as reliable as traditional phone service, if not more. Time Warner digital phone service also provides benefits above-and-beyond those offered by the “old” phone companies.

What is Digital Phone Service?
Digital cable phone service, also called cable telephony or digital telephony over cable, requires only a special adapter, in the form of a small box, be placed in the home and connected to the cable line. This box converts the analog signals of standard telephones over standard internal telephone jacks to be digitized and sent to the cable company’s switching center. At the switching center, the digital signal connects with and is transferred over the regular public switched telephone network (PSTN) so it can connect with anyone who has any other type of phone.

Advantages of Digital Phone Service
Time Warner digital phone service has many advantages over regular telephone service. Calls are often clearer than on regular phones and pricing is lower. Several plans are available depending on how much calling one does to locations outside their local area. For one low monthly fee, a subscriber can receive unlimited calling throughout the U.S. International calling plans are also available. Paying the monthly bill becomes much easier because the phone bill will be consolidated with the cable bill.

Time Warner cable phone service has several features, most of which come free in the service plan. Popular features include Caller ID on TV, so subscribers can see who is calling through a display on their television screen. Other features include 3-way calling, call waiting, speed dial, call forwarding, and voicemail. Additional lines can also be added.

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