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Mens Casual Pants - Mens Casual Pants Are Back in Style

men’s khakis cargo popular

Some good news for men is coming down the fashion line. Mens casual pants, such as khakis and cargo pants, are coming back into style. These pants are loved by many men because they are both comfortable and functional. In addition, cargo and khaki-style men’s casual pants are some of the most durable made. Many men probably still have a few pairs tucked away in the closet from seasons past.

Men’s khakis and cargo pants were once made primarily out of synthetics like polyester, with only one-quarter of the fabric being cotton. After they first gained popularity, the fabric was changed to give the pants maximum comfort. The polyester content went way down and they became primarily made from cotton or linen. This makes them comfortable and lightweight, so they can be worn in the summer as well as the other three seasons.

Another benefit of this style of men’s casual pants coming back into fashion is a great variety in design. The most popular colors, however, are still the old tried and true colors: brown, beige, tan, cream, and olive. What is new in men’s cargos and khakis is that gray and black are becoming very fashionable. Black is popular because they can be matched with so many different tops that whole new looks can be achieved with a simple switch in shirts. Of course, a basic feature of cargo pants is the pockets. Pockets can be high or low on the legs or centered at the knees. Drawstrings near the feet are also very popular.

Men’s casual pants like khakis and cargos are manufactured by many top brands. Levi, Wrangler, Lee, Dickies, Gap, and Dockers all have their own lines of quality men’s casuals. They can be found at a mall near you or online. Online retailers can often provide the best prices and widest selection, but the downside is that they can’t be tried on before buying.

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