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Business Small Voip - How to Prepare for Small Business VoIP

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VoIP is an acronym that stands for voice over internet protocol. It is a way of establishing voice communications by using internet networks instead of traditional phone lines. The advantageous to doing so are lower cost and more features. In the past decade, improvements have been made to VoIP service, making it very reliable and with a quality that often surpasses traditional phone service. Many corporate offices have already made the switch, and now, small business VoIP is beginning to follow suit.

There are several ways a small business can use VoIP to their advantage, depending on how much the business is prepared to spend and the calling requirements.

• Intra-office communications – Many small businesses implement VoIP only for internal communications using their existing computer network. This type of VoIP can be implemented using computer headset communications, special VoIP handsets, or traditional phones.

• Interoffice communications – Businesses with remote offices or remote employees that must often be contacted can benefit from a closed VoIP phone system just between offices. This is simple to implement and costs very little.

• Select outbound VoIP – Outbound calls can be routed to the VoIP network through predefined rules or manually. This can save money by being able to choose the lowest-cost service for each individual call.

• Inbound VoIP – In some instances a small business can benefit from inbound VoIP while using traditional service for outbound calls.

• Total VoIP – This is a total switch to VoIP service for all calls.

Before small business VoIP can be implemented, it is beneficial to follow a few a simple steps to ensure the best value and service.

1. Understand your network capacity. If your current network cannot handle the load from VoIP, you will need a new network.

2. Understand your bandwidth. If your current internet connection doesn’t have enough internet bandwidth, call quality will suffer. A new internet plan with higher bandwidth will have to be purchased.

3. Understand your electric system. VoIP requires an outside power source, unlike traditional phones.

4. Understand your usage requirements. This will help you choose the plan best for your business without paying for services and features not needed.

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