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Belize Travel Deals - How to Find Belize Travel Deals

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One of the most beautiful and mysterious of tropical vacation destinations is the country of Belize. Located on the east coast of Central America, Belize is bordered by Mexico in the north and Guatemala to the west and south. The country has been called a melting pot where the ancient culture of the Mayans has blended with that of Hispanics and the English. In 1638, the British first came to the region as a base against the Spanish, and they controlled the country until 1964, when it was granted autonomy.

Belize is both economically and politically stable because of its position in the tourist industry and continued relations with The U.S. and Europe. American and British visitors enjoy the country because the English remains the official language. Traveling within the country is also very safe, although roads are not repaired as often as they should be. Many Belize travel deals exist because of all of these factors.

Once in Belize, visitors enjoy a variety of activities and attractions. One of the most popular activities is diving off the coast. The underwater wildlife is diverse, beautiful, and exotic. It is home to the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere. Some of the best sites for diving include the Gladden Spit and the Great Blue Hole. Away from the coast, the country is filled with savannah and rainforest unspoiled by human hands. Attractions include the island of Ambergris Caye, the Mayan ruins of Caracol, and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Belize City, once the capital city of the country, is the most popular city for visitors. Culture and city comforts are available there.

To find Belize travel deals, the best source is online. Online ticket agents sell discounted packages that include transportation, hotel accommodations, and sometimes tickets for activities. Online, however, is not the only place to look. Travel agents often have Belize travel deals only available to agents. They are worth checking out. Another place to find discount Belize vacations is through airlines. Airlines serving Belize include American, US Air, and Delta in the United States.

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