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Broadband Providers Uk - UK Home Broadband Providers Comparison

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Anyone who spends any amount of time on the internet requires broadband internet service. Broadband is a high-speed internet connection that has largely replaced the old system of phone network dial-up. Broadband is available 24-hours and, unlike dial-up, it is always on. It can be used with home computers, laptops, and, with a wireless router, mobile devices. Broadband comes into the home in one of two ways: through the telephone lines for an ADSL broadband connection or through the cable television line.

Home broadband is compared by using the following criteria:

• Availability – Not all broadband services are available in all locations.
• Price – There is a one-time installation fee and a monthly fee.
• Speed – Speed generally ranges from 8 Mbs to 50 Mbs.
• Usage Caps- Some providers limit data usage, while others are unlimited.

Following are the top UK broadband providers:

O2 – Provides a simple service for those who need a reliable connection but are not worried about top speed.
• Price – Free setup and free for the first 3 months. £12.50 per month thereafter. Requires a 12 month contract.
• Speed – 8 Mbs.
• Caps – Unlimited.
• Extras – Free wireless router.

Plusnet – Provides value packages and fast speeds.
• Price – £25 setup fee and £9.99 per month.
• Speed – 20 Mbs.
• Caps – 60 GB per month.
• Extras – Free usage from midnight to 8 a.m.

Virgin Broadband – This service is very reliable and has three different levels of service.
• Price: £35 setup fee plus £15, £25, or £33 per month.
• Speed 10 Mbs, 20 Mbs, or 50 Mbs
• Caps: Unlimited.
• Extras: Free wireless N router.

Sky – Available to those who live in Sky TV areas but Sky TV is not required.
• £15 per month or £10 per month if bundled with Sky Talk.
• Speed: 20 Mbs.
• Caps: Unlimited.
• Extras: Free wireless router.

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