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Free Survey Software - Where to Find Free Software to Create Online Surveys

online software survey

Because of today’s ever-growing technology, it has never been easier for businesses and sales people to reach potential clients or survey existing ones. Most households now own at least one computer and have internet service. In light of this fact, implementation of the internet allows business owners to reach countless prospects/customers, without the hassle and expense of processing bulk mailings. Many companies and sales individuals are now using online surveys for several aspects of sales/customer service. Online surveys are often used to obtain customer feedback on recent transactions or interactions with the company, and suggestions on how a company can improve or what else the customer would like to see offered. Prosective customers can also be surveyed in order for a business or organization to obtain different demographic information or to find out what types of services or products in which consumers are interested. These are just a few ways surveys are currently being used by service providers, there are countless other areas in which they can be useful. Since the need for businesses to be able to create surveys is growing, so are the numbers of websites offering survey-creating software. Some of these websites’ fees can be quite expensive, but there is no need to spend hard-earned money to create surveys, as there are plenty of free survey-creating software websites to be found online.

The first website of this kind is SurveyMonkey.com. They have a few survey-creating software plans that charge a monthly fee, but their basic plan (which provides PLENTY enough features to create most surveys one would need) is completely free. http://www.surveymonkey.com

Another website claiming free survey-creating is FreeOnlineSurveys.com. They claim to give businesses or individuals the ability to create their own free surveys in less than 10 minutes. They also offer the convenience of having no software to install, ease of use, 100% security and confidentiality, ability to create email or website surveys, and live results. http://freeonlinesurveys.com

Finally, there is Zoomerang.com. They are similar to SurveyMonkey, in that they offer plans that charge a monthly fee, but their basic plan is completely free. http://www.zoomerang.com/

These are just a few websites offering free software to create online surveys. There are plenty more to be found, so there is never any need to spend your company’s hard-earned money in order to create useful surveys.

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