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Donald Pliner Sandals - Choosing a Pari of Donald Pliner Sandals

foot strap comfort slide

“When the feet are uncomfortable, so is the mind, so is the body, so is the soul.” This is the motto of fashion designer Donald Pliner. Not only is Donald committed to fashion and style, but also to comfort for both men and women. Stretchable micro-fibers and other materials bring unique flexibility, lightness and comfort to shoes.

Donald Pliner first launched his line of footware in 1989, and inducted into the “Footwear News” hall of fame in 2004. His sandal collection can be found at Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and many other high end department stores. The global brand is manufactured in Italy and Spain. This European presence appeals to both men and women. Many people are drawn to the company for the fashion, but get hooked on the comfort and the quality.

Sandals are a symbol of comfort, summer and beaches, so it’s only natural that Donald Pliner sandals are one of the top choices of luxury sandals. Each shoe is designed by Donald Pliner himself, using the sophisticated technology that put his company on the map. There are many choices when shopping for Donald Pliner sandals, and all choices are comfortable and quality. Here are some overviews of popular Donald Pliner sandal designs to help you get started.

For comfort, a slide shoe might be a good choice. The slide sandal has straps that go further up the foot than strapy sandals. There are many styles of slide sandals that Donald Pliner offers. The Ivree has a strap the goes over the foot close to the ankle and another strap closer to the toes. These two straps are connected with an elegant strap that covers the front center of the foot. This center strap is a great canvas for design and many of the Donal Pliner sandals are hand-beaded on this strap.

For a unique and funky look try the Nicola Peace Slide. This shoe features a large strap over the top of the foot, that’s made up of a pattern of peace signs, allowing parts of the foot to peek through the strap. This fun sandal tops of any casual outfit, but also adds flare to a night at the club.

Men are also drawn to Donald Pliner sandals, and find many different styles that work for them. Many of the men’s shoes feature cork soles and are fitted for comfort.

For a casual look the Dontan slip on woven sandal looks good under shorts or jeans. The comfort feature of this show is the wide toe box, that fit the shape of the foot comfortably. The rubber tread sole is a flexible microfiber that cushions the foot for any terrain.

Donald Pliner sandals are a great choice for spring shoes that are comfortable, but make a statement. Whether you are shopping online or at your favorite department store, Donald Pliner’s wide range of sandals make it an easy choice.

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