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Remote Desktop Windows 2000 - How To Find A Good Remote Desktop Client For Windows 2000

windows 2000 remote desktop

There are a number of remote desktop clients for Windows 2000, including one built in to the operating system, and they can be a very useful way to control one computer from another. Remote desktop programs have become particularly popular with business people and server administrators, as they offer a very secure way to access an office PC or a RAID array after hours. However, before using a Windows 2000 remote desktop client, there are a few things that you should know.

Remote desktop clients usually don’t require a lot of setup, although there are usually a few steps. You’ll have to have the IP address of the computer that you’re trying to access. The best remote desktop clients for Windows 2000 also use an encrypted password to protect the connection. The levels of encryption use vary. Basically, the higher the level of encryption, the better—the standard levels of encryption are 8, 16, 24, and 32 bit. It’s almost impossible to get past these higher levels of encryption, even with random number and letter generators. Choose an alphanumeric password with at least one number, and use both uppercase and lowercase letters.

The speed of Windows 2000 remote desktop clients also varies due to their programming. There aren’t any great ways to measure the speed of a particular client without testing it, so when buying a third party Windows 2000 remote desktop client, it’s best to look for free trials. The individual features will also vary—for instance, some Windows 2000 remote desktop clients allow for file transfer between the two attached computers, while others avoid this for security reasons. Most also offer a chat feature, to make remote desktop clients more useful for customer service teams and IT departments that use the clients frequently with a second user. Giving a certain program a trial run is the best way to find out which features you prefer, but it’s also a good idea to write out exactly what you need the remote desktop client to do, and look for a program that matches your feature list.

Remote desktop clients provide an amazing array of features, but it’s always best to take your time when making a purchase. You’ll find a much more secure and functional Windows 2000 remote desktop client by taking an all-around approach to find what you need.

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