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Euro Pro Steam Cleaner - Green Steam from the Euro Pro Steam Cleaner!

water cleaners add chemicals

Many people are trying to find more ecologically friendly ways of doing things these days, and household cleaning products are coming under scrutiny. One way to eliminate these harmful chemicals from your home forever is to turn to steam cleaners. Euro Pro makes a variety of steam cleaners, one of which should fit your needs. But perhaps you need to understand better how they work, what makes them “green,” and what they cost before you buy. Here’s help.

As its name implies, the euro pro steam cleaner cleans, sanitizes, disinfects, and even sterilizes the surfaces to which it is applied with a powerful release of hot steam. The unwanted dirt, grease, soap scum, etc. is then easily wiped away with a sponge or cloth. Most people who buy use them most extensively on their kitchen and bathroom hard surfaces, eliminating the need for some of their harshest household cleansers.

Steam comes from heated water, which you add to the euro pro cleaner from your tap. All the different types and styles of the euro pro steam cleaners contain boilers which heat the water to very high temperatures, about 240 to 310 degrees Fahrenheit. This produces a low-moisture steam, or one that contains just 4 to 6 percent water. It is 100% tap water and no chemicals that could harm you while you use them or harm the earth after you dispose of them. It’s just plain, simple water that won’t hurt anyone.

To effectively clean build-up grease and dirt, another step must take that low-pressure steam and turn it into and effective cleaning tool. In euro pro cleaners, this is done with the specifically-designed attachments that create that high-pressure stream when needed for tough grime, or the gentle fabric steamer attachments to get the wrinkles out of your favorite outfit just minutes before you need to wear it, and everything in between. There are even floor attachments to keep your floors sanitized and safe for Baby.

And finally, the cost. Yes, there’s an upfront cost to buying a euro pro steam cleaner, but you eliminate the ongoing costs of buying cleaners and cleansers. Add to that you’re house will be more sanitary than it ever was when you were endangering yourself and your environment with harmful chemicals. Add to that, the only thing you’re now adding to the environment is water. You’re green!
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