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Hernando County Property Appraiser - What Does The Hernando County Property Appraiser Do?

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Hernando County is located in Florida and has a population of more than 165,000 people. Brooksville is the county seat and the majority of the population here resides in Spring Hill. The office of the Hernando County Property Appraiser is located on Main Street in Brooksville.

The Hernando County Property Appraiser is responsible for producing equitable and fair property value rolls for homes located in this vicinity. The Hernando County Property Appraiser is an elected official who is responsible for all real and personal property within the county and for finding, locating, and fairly valuing the property for Ad Valorem tax purposes. This is a Latin term that means “according to the value”. Real estate taxes are Ad Valorem because they are based on the value of the property.

The fair market value of a home is considered the price that people are willing to pay for it in the real estate market that exists. The Hernando County Property Appraiser’s only role in the taxing process of real estate is to determine an equitable and fair value for the property. The appraiser does not create the value, as the value is actually determined by the sale of properties located near each other. It is the responsibility of the county appraiser to evaluate sales transactions to determine the taxable value of a property.

Data is collected by the county appraiser’s office about real property throughout the year and in August the valuation of all county properties are mailed to the owners. This office also accepts Homestead rebates and other applications for tax exemptions. This office also provides a Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal System that allows appraisers to find the value that has been set by the office for all Hernando County properties. The office also provides up-to-date, detailed property ownership maps by virtue of a Geographic Information System.

The Hernando County Property Appraiser’s office also has a number of forms that individuals may need. These forms include change of address forms, a wide array of exemption forms, agricultural classification forms, tangible personal property forms, and value adjustment board forms. The appraiser’s office will have all the information and forms you need for everything that pertains to real or personal property.

The current Hernando County Property Appraiser is Alvin Mazourek, who has been in office since January of 1997.

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