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Alta Vista Translator - What Happened to the Alta Vista Translator?

alta vista translation

Many occasions exist where a translation is needed in an instant, with no time to prepare. In a case such as this, using the Alta Vista translator is an efficient way to achieve the translation goal, without putting out a lot of money. In fact, an Alta vista translation is free and this free service can be used in many ways.

The Alta vista translation service is now known as Yahoo Babel Fish, ever since Yahoo took over the service. In fact, when a user types in “altavistababelfish.com” in the address bar, the URL automatically redirects the user to the Yahoo version of Babel Fish. However, the translation service remained the same throughout the transition into a Yahoo service with one exception; Yahoo’s version has many more languages available to translate to and from including Chinese, Russian and others.

The only service that remained an Alta vista service is the search function. This function allows users to search, as they would in any search engine; however, they can specify in which language they would like to receive their results. Additionally, users can also specify from where they would like to receive their results as well; worldwide, or from the country of origin. Under this search box, however, if the user clicks on the link to the Babel Fish service, they are taken to the Yahoo page.

On Altavista.com, various options exist for adding Alta Vista search boxes to a website. For example, the Alta vista search box, Quick search, quick search for websites and Babel Fish translate all have widgets that a webmaster could include in any web page.

The Alta Vista translate Babel Fish widget function is only available through clicking the link on the search box page. This brings the user to a page with two options; add a simple link stating, “Translate the text on this page” or a widget with the Alta vista and babel Fish logos with the same text. Clicking the button of the one chosen brings up a window that allows the user to copy the code and paste it into their website code.

The languages available with an Alta vista translator include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Simply clicking the link or widget allows the user to translate the entire page, or just a bloc of text, depending on which code is used on the website. While the Alta vista translation service may not be perfect, it is a great tool for a quick translation on the fly.

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