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Homes For Sale Denver Co - The Appeal of Homes for Sale in Denver, CO

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Denver, Colorado is located a mile above sea level, on a high plain which sits at the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains. The city contains seventy-seven unique and different neighborhoods, along with thirty-one encompassing suburban cities. The city’s real estate is equally diverse, and it offers something for every type of individual or family. There are expansive executive level homes on down to more humble Denver lofts offered in the downtown area.

Over the last fifteen years, as the appeal of homes for sale in Denver, CO has risen, the surrounding suburban towns and cities of Denver have steadily grown, allowing for a number of newer home developments to be designed and built. Whichever community the newcomer selects, he or she will discover a great variety of home types and costs. Among the beloved newer home communities are Anthem in Broomfield, Stapleton in Denver, Back Country in Highlands Ranch, Pradera in Parker, and Beacon Point in Aurora. Naturally, there are a number of other pre-existing favorite Denver area neighborhoods. These include Berkeley, Highland Hilltop, Bonnie Brae, Observatory Park, Cheeseman Park, Platt Park, Riverfront Lofts, Virginia Village, Wash Park, and Cherry Creek.

The average priced homes in Denver and the surrounding communities tell a revealing story, as well. All figures listed are the values from April to June 2010 for the Denver area. One bedroom homes are averaging at $138,000, which is down 10.8% year on year. Two bedroom homes here average $182,000, representing a 13.7% increase in the past year. Three bedroom Denver homes weigh in at an average price of $199,900, a truly impressive gain of 24.9% in the past year. Four bedroom Denver homes cost interested buyers a still reasonable average of $284,500, which is an 8.3% gain in year over year average house values. The average Denver area all around home price comes in at $190,600, at a solid 12.1% increase in the last twelve months. The data all combines to demonstrate how well the values of Denver area homes have held up at a time when the housing values of most major areas in the United States have dropped, even significantly, in a similar time frame.

Persons interested in moving to Denver to buy property should be on the lookout for several critical things. The neighborhood which the home is in proves to be extremely important for the home’s present and potential value a few years down the road. Choosing a neighborhood or newer development from one of the popular choices listed above is a good idea. The proximity of the neighborhood or development to Denver itself is another important element to consider. Close by attractions, restaurants, and shopping of the downtown should not be discarded lightly. Generally, the closer one is to the historic downtown, the more the location will cost the individual or family in question. To have all of these and any other relevant questions concerning Denver, CO area homes answered, the prospective buyers should certainly consult with a good Denver area Realtor.

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