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Mens White Gold Wedding Bands - Tips on Choosing the Perfect Mens White Gold Wedding Band

rings width engagement ring

If you have visions of the wedding march dancing in your head, it is probably time to do some planning as a couple. One of the first choices to make as a married-couple-to-be involves rings. Do you plan on engagement rings? What about wedding rings? If you want to go with a simple but elegant choice, check out engagement rings in white gold. Even if you opt for a bejeweled setting, you can find mens white gold rings in styles to match the bride’s rings.

Precious metals like 18ct white gold symbolize the strength of your relationship while the circle of a wedding band represents endless love. Selecting from a variety of styles of mens white gold rings gives you a shimmering silvery tone that makes an elegant but simple statement. Then you can keep that same band design using white gold for your engagement ring. White gold is a mixture of gold and other white metals such as silver and palladium. Although it is available in less expensive karat weights, the higher weight indicates a higher percentage of pure gold in making the white gold ring. Stick with an 18ct mens white gold wedding band if it is within your budget. It will be more durable and will retain its natural beauty longer—especially if your husband plans to wear it every day.

If your husband-to-be prefers a more dramatic statement, you can still look at mens white gold rings. Simply opt for a wider band with an engraved pattern in a woven or waved style. Whether it’s wedding rings or engagement rings, white gold can be brushed with a special finish or stamped with a custom design to create a match for your individual taste. Again, consider using a matching or coordinating design for your set of rings to symbolize the unity of your relationship.

Did you know wedding rings for men is a fairly new tradition? Most men in the United States did not wear a wedding band on a regular basis until World War II. Wearing a ring during the war gave the message to others that the man was committed to someone else. It also helped a soldier overseas to remind him of the love of his wife back home. The tradition of a simple men’s white gold wedding band or a yellow gold band representing true love is a romantic gesture traced back to that era.

Once you and your future husband determine the style of men’s white gold wedding band you want, you still need to decide on the width of the band. Men with shorter fingers or smaller hands usually go with a narrower band while longer fingers and larger hands look best with an average width band. Narrow width wedding bands start as skinny as 3mm but the typical narrow width is considered to be 5mm while the 6mm size is average. The 7mm wider band is a popular choice as well. Just keep in mind that the wider band might not be as comfortable while a narrower band is easily worn every day.

Now that you lovebirds have the important task of choosing rings under control, you might want to start dreaming about booking an exotic honeymoon trip or work on that long guest list. Of course, you could skip the expense of the wedding, elope and go straight to that romantic honeymoon.

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