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Play Texas Hold Em Online Free - Play Free On-line Texas Hold ‘Em Games

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Any Daniel Negreanu fan knows it takes years of practice and stacks of money to become a successful professional poker player. Negreanu knows it. Along with several other titles, he’s a multiple winner of the World Series of Poker tournament. The 12 and a half million dollars he’s raked in playing poker ranks him second in all-time earnings for professional poker players. The popular young player recommends playing as often as possible. He, along with other experts, offers tips to amateurs who play Texas Hold ‘Em on line free at several sites endorsed by the pros. He also teaches classes on poker strategy.

A high school dropout who picked up illegal games and earned money as a rounder in his hometown of Toronto, Negreanu failed at his first attempt to go pro in Vegas but returned later to claim his superstar status. He learned from experience to be grateful for second chances. Backing up his words with actions, Negreanu sponsored young poker players in championship poker tournaments and started a free on line site called Full Contact Poker. He originally started Full Contact Poker for members to play Texas Hold ‘Em online free but it eventually became an informational site allowing Negreanu to give advice and write a blog.

Television exposure of The World Series of Poker helped create a huge increase in the fan base for poker. Since the first televised tournament, huge numbers of amateurs signed up to play Texas Hold ‘Em online free. Negreanu and other pros have worked for some of the name brands who host free online Texas Hold ‘Em poker sites. At one point Negreanu played Texas Hold ‘Em online free entering himself under the screen name of KidPoker.

One of the well known poker sponsors offering a free site is Poker Stars. The popular site has over 30 million registered players. Members can download the game free. Poker Stars runs special promotions and contests including a chance to play in the Million Dollar Challenge and the World Series of Poker. They also give away trips to the best players. For those who don’t know how to play the game, experts are available for assistance.
Full Tilt Poker is another place to play Texas Hold ‘Em online free. Like many of the free Texas Hold ‘Em sites, Full Tilt offers prizes and other incentives; it is also endorsed by the pros. Seats at the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour are up for grabs as well as a spot on the televised series called Poker After Dark.

Another free site, Ultimate Bet also offers one of the best players a chance to go to Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Fans can purchase merchandise with brand insignias similar to accessories worn by the pros on all three of the sites mentioned. Brand merchandise such as hats and visors and other accessories worn by the pros, is often given for prizes.

For those who want to play Texas Hold ‘Em online free but aren’t quite ready for competition, sites like Pogo.com offer all kinds of free games including poker. Players compete against the computer rather than other players. It’s a good way to gain experience in preparation for live play.

For those who think they’re ready for the real deal, on-line satellite tournaments offer serious action. Many tournaments are independent but some are linked to the big circuits like the World Series of Poker. Satellite poker tournaments charge each player a buy-in fee with the winner continuing through the competition. The satellite games are played at community tables with the same standard rules just like free Texas Hold ‘Em online sites.

Read a book on strategy, tune in to watch a tournament or sign up to play Texas Hold ‘Em online free to join the millions of players eager to participate. Although it is not too practical, many amateurs hope to join Daniel Negreanu as a professional poker player at the final table.

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