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Magic Show Las Vegas - Tips on Las Vegas Magic Shows

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Las Vegas is the supreme destination for many thrill seekers. Once known as an adult’s only town with the nickname of Sin City, Vegas has managed to add enough kid-friendly adventures to soothe the X-rated image. Offering amusement parks, a circus and other activities focused on entertaining children, the city is becoming more family friendly.

One of the most affordable family fun outings with a magic show Las Vegas has to offer is free at Circus Circus. This long-time casino hotel located on the Vegas strip still entertains guest every night with traditional circus acts. From talented trapeze artists to juggling clowns who perform their own version of a magic show, Las Vegas’ circus themed casino is a big hit. There is a cost for snacks, carnival games and souvenirs but the circus is free.

If your children enjoyed the circus, there are other Vegas shows related to the theme. Many are not appropriate for a younger audience but discerning parents can find a variety show with a magician or other magic acts. Afternoon shows tend to be more family friendly. A few magicians seen on television are popular with the younger crowd. They perform different types of shows often suited for mixed audiences.

Since its beginning as an entertainment hot spot, magicians have been a unique part of the Las Vegas show experience. Going back to the introduction of the dynamic spectacle of Siegfried and Roy’s magic show, Las Vegas has continued to spotlight master magicians well known throughout the world.

While Siegfried and Roy’s magic show and the infamous white tigers set them apart from any other magicians, each act seems to brand itself in a unique way.

Once a regular on the scene, MGM landed one of the most famous magic shows Las Vegas could offer by booking illusionist David Copperfield for limited shows at the Hollywood Theater. The epitome of master magicians, Copperfield ignores the glitz of the sequined girls and uses audience members to assist him. Don’t look for the rabbit in the hat or the woman in the box being sawed in half. Copperfield’s tricks are much more mystifying.

Another magic show Las Vegas hosts is Lance Burton and his 14-year tenure at the Monte Carlo. Ending in the fall of 2010, this popular master magician was once touted by late-night talk show host Johnny Carson as the best magician he’d ever seen.

One of the hottest magic shows Las Vegas has ever seen comes back in the form of the wildly popular illusionist, Criss Angel. His show, “Believe” at the Luxor goes far beyond the field of magic mixing his mystifying thoughts with the influence of Cirque du Soleil creativity.

Penn & Teller combine comedy and magic through their well known characters at the Rio. This long-standing duo’s magic show has been a staple in Las Vegas. They continue to draw fans from around the globe.

More of a stock performer than a magician, comedienne Mac King’s magic show plays at Harrah’s. His old school comedy and rope trick illusions fit more into the traditional mold of Las Vegas magic shows. Many other magicians and types of magic shows play throughout Las Vegas. Some magicians even do private shows for children’s birthdays or other events.

Magic shows in Las Vegas have always played a role in presenting an array of entertainment choices. Now that the city is drawing more vacationing families in search of entertainment, magic shows for younger audiences might become the new standard.

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