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West Palm Beach Resorts - Discover West Palm Beach Resorts

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If you are going to West Palm Beach, Florida you will find an abundance of places to stay with price tags to match the amenities. From budget motel rooms to the pampered luxury of exclusive resorts, you can choose the price for your fun in the sun getaway near South Florida’s treasure coast.

Palm Beach links its colorful past with tycoon Henry Morrison Flagler. Supposedly, he was so taken with the island’s natural beauty that he created a high-end resort in Palm Beach County. West Palm Beach served as housing for all the workers who served the affluent society in Palm Beach. It wasn’t until the 1980s that West Palm Beach established itself as a choice destination for cultural, recreational, shopping and dining venues. Finally, West Palm Beach resorts attracted their own prestigious clientele as part of a mecca for tourists and professionals.

West Palm Beach Resorts include high-end chains, unique boutique resorts and stately bed and breakfasts. The South Florida coast with incredible ocean views and sandy beaches is a main attraction for guests staying at nearby West Palm Beach Resorts. Special package pricing at several resorts can make a high-end property more appealing. Some South Florida resorts offer all-inclusive packages for guests who want to take the guess work out of added costs.

A unique West Palm Beach resort, the PGA National Resort, combines world-class golf with luxurious accommodations. Visitors can relax in the spa or enjoy clear waters. The resort’s dining options present the relaxed ambience of a stately steakhouse, the elegance of an upscale restaurant or the action of a sports bar. The diverse selections ranging from seafood to fast food to gourmet dining should satisfy the appetite of any guest. Guests can continue the party at the resort’s popular night club.

For visitors who prefer the surroundings of a trendy downtown setting, the opulence of West Palm Beach Resorts like the Casa Grandview offer tropical cabana suites or urban city chic themes in addition to its 13 historical cottages. Downtown features a mix of traditional and contemporary resorts.

History buffs can stay at a West Palm Beach resort in the Downtown Gardens and visit several sites of interest listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Established in Palm Beach County in 1894, West Palm Beach (West Palm as it was known then) is documented as the county’s first city boasting 14 Historic Districts. One interesting historic district, El Cid, was named for a popular Spanish hero. El Cid is well known for it interesting architecture including structures influenced by Mediterranean design.The origin of many old Mission style homes can be traced back to more than a century. El Sid was named as a West Palm Beach Historic District two years before it made the designation on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995. Museums and historical sites in the area are numerous.

West Palm Beach resorts provide cozy surroundings but most visitors keep coming back for the gorgeous South Florida weather and the splendor of the treasure coast views. Staying at a budget motel or an upscale resort won’t change the ultimate experience of fun in the sun vacations.

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