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Microsoft Office Downloads - Tips on Free Microsoft Downloads

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Imagine you are on Jeopardy! and the answer is: “This Redmond, Washington based company made four people billionaires and 12,000 employees millionaires in 1986 with its initial public stock offering.” Then you buzz in and ask the question: “What is Microsoft Corporation?” Ding! Ding! Ding! You are correct. The multinational company has gone on to dominate the world of computer software with Microsoft products.

Although some users complain about the cost of Microsoft Office and related titles, it is a lifeline for PC users. Extensive free offers and free Microsoft downloads make Microsoft Office software a consumer bargain. The Microsoft Office suite includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint applications. The packages include widely used templates for resumes, brochures, newsletters and other word processing software. The suite includes spread sheets, slides and other applications needed for business. Choices go beyond templates listed on the desktop. Microsoft Office downloads offer additional styles and features for those who want more variety.

Worth an estimated 53 billion dollars, the brainchild and founder of the corporation, Bill Gates, did not become one of the world’s wealthiest people by accident. Gates ranks as the world’s 2nd wealthiest man in 2010, dropping a notch in spite of Microsoft Corporation stock increasing 50% over the last year. In any case, providing Microsoft Word free downloads serves as an incentive for computer users to purchase the initial software package. Free Microsoft Word downloads and free Microsoft Office downloads are a great benefits to computer users. But, the free Microsoft downloads also help keep the corporation in huge profit margins. Microsoft stock grew 50% during the past year.

Microsoft Word free downloads cover different versions of the software. Consumers often over look components of the software they could use for creative or business purposes as most use it for word processing functions. For example, Microsoft Word Office templates ranging from custom award certificates and recipe cards to posters and weight loss charts as well as many other top quality designed templates are already available in the package.

It is easy to find creative templates in the package and then proceed to the Microsoft Office free downloads. A click of the mouse on the logo typically located in the upper left corner of the computer screen causes a drop down menu to appear. Click on ‘new’ to discover a long list of available templates. Microsoft Office downloads and Microsoft Word downloads are included free with the original software. Consumers can download a long list of custom templates on line to supplement existing projects.

Some of the most creative free Microsoft downloads include coloring pages and activity game sheets or attention-grabbing garage sale flyers. An array of cards for nearly any occasion is provided with excellent graphics and photos eliminating the potential problem of copyright violations. Software users can mix and match designs to personalize cards. A detailed explanation of how to access these features is found at http://tinyurl.com/yj72tn4 and many other websites. Consumers can even view visual instructions on YouTube on how to use the software from Microsoft free downloads.

Microsoft Office free downloads include trial copies of the software. The new Microsoft Office 2010 package is available on line as well as older versions consumers can still purchase. At the end of the software trial period consumers have the option of purchasing the software through an immediate download or ordering a hard copy to be shipped. Information on trial offers along with other Microsoft products is available at the Microsoft homepage.

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