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Sell House By Owner - Tips on selling a house by owner

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Want to save big money when you sell your house? Then be prepared to spend some time reading and researching. It will not be simple but you can learn how to sell your own house without paying big fees to an agent or real estate company.

Depending on your location, the recent weak economy has probably had an impact on the housing market. In the United States, some of the hottest markets fell flat or readjusted from an inflated value to the real market value of housing. Some areas remained stable and some even experienced growth. In any case, the listing price for your home needs to reflect the housing trend in your region.

Prior to putting your home on the market, there are several tasks you need to do to learn how to sell your house. Make sure you look at comparable homes in your neighborhood to see how your home stacks up against the competition. The price you paid for your house or the price you think it is worth is just your opinion. Pay for a professional appraisal. In the long run, the cost of an appraisal is well worth it. If you set the price too high, you might scare off interested parties. Setting it too low can cause you to lose money. Placing an accurate value on your house is essential.

Visit your attorney for legal advice and formal documents regarding real estate transactions on how to sell a house. Take time to ask questions and listen to the expert. Make sure you understand legal aspects of taxes, insurance, inspection and any other concerns. Many experts suggest that homeowners pay for a home inspection and have the results available for perspective buyers. When trying to sell your own house, the cost of an inspection is worth getting a step ahead of other listings. If you are successful in selling your own house instead of hiring an agent, a few hundred dollars is a tiny amount compared to the percentage of the cut an agent takes.

Once you have determined a price and have all legal documents in place, you need to advertise your property. Network with friends who have knowledge in sales and marketing or a related field. Attend an open house in your neighborhood, visit with the agent and take a flyer. Use the information as a resource to discover advertising venues. Don’t overlook on-line ads that are often less costly. Some sites pool several owners attempting to sell their own houses. Digital photos, slides or videos are much less costly through a joint website compared to a professional advertising firm. Post signs, flyers and e-mails about your home. Consider an open house. Think of creative ways to network and get your information out to potential buyers.

One vital step many owners seem to overlook when selling their own house is staging. Your home should look its very best if you expect to get it sold. Take a look around your home and declutter. Any area that appears messy to you probably looks even worse to a visitor. Remove personal items of décor. Family portraits and items representing religion or political affiliation should be packed away. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves relaxing in your great room. That is not likely to happen if a large close up of a Fox News guy is peering over the couch.

After you remove clutter and personal items, check on any minor repairs. Make any necessary fixes. Make sure each room looks fresh and inviting. It is important to use neutral colors that appeal to most people. Any bold color statements should be repainted and toned down to be less controversial. Replace outdated window coverings and use trendy slipcovers on worn furniture. Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms if you plan to spend any money updating before you try to sell your house. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms for new buyers.

Once your home looks its best—including curb appeal and landscaping, it’s time to post the “For Sale by Owner” sign and wish yourself good luck.

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