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Custom Chevy Trucks - The Power of Custom Chevy Trucks

love country driver pickups

Some men make personal statements through piercing and tattoos. Some opt for clothes and accessories to tell the world what they are all about. Nothing says “I love my truck!” more than the single guys who cruise the loop in their custom Chevy trucks. It is a powerful multi-layered message.

Country singer Toby Keith represented all those men in some of his song lyrics. In 2003 in his Big ‘Ol Truck commercial he sang about a custom truck. It sounds like he thinks of his truck as his woman when he sings,

“She’s got bucket seats, fully customized.
‘In Your Wildest Dreams’ painted on the side.
It was built to run, she was built to show.”

He may not have been referring to a custom Chevy truck but men who believe in over-the-top custom jobs for their trucks all belong in the same species. They love their trucks. It’s almost like a cult or a truck culture. Plus, you don’t have to be a male to have a motor vehicle as the most important person in your life. Females have their own wanna-be pickup trucker gangs. Many of them drive custom Chevy trucks.

The type of statement custom Chevy truck drivers show off on America’s roadways depends on the area of the country. For instance, custom Chevy trucks in the Deep South might scream, “I am a good ‘ol boy! I like my momma and I love my truck!” The custom job suspension raises them high off the ground and they sport huge tires. It’s okay if a hay bale or two is stacked in the truck bed to make it cozier for the other 6 guys in his posse. If a little snuff drips on the custom red paint or a little cow manure wipes off on the customized side step, that’s okay too.

Custom Chevy trucks on the west coast might say, “I just got a wax so I’m fragile! I like my Zen tats and I love my swanky truck, dude.” This truck probably has a custom paint job focused on a theme with black roses or maybe peace signs and daisies. The details on the painting exude expensive artwork crafted by the top professional. The custom interior features cashmere. This driver is part of a group who wants their pickups to be one-of-a-kind, classy and not tacky. Precious metals in the grill, high-end stereos—all the latest cutting edge technology (and all their dad’s old money) is wrapped up in this custom Chevy truck.

Custom Chevy trucks in the Southwest reveal heavily tinted windows with the suspension lowered. That truck says, “Get outta my way, man.” It rocks from the loud base on the custom woofer and the driver and crew definitely wear designer sunglasses.

Country artist Eric Church croons about his love for his truck in his song, “I Love Your Love the Most.” It could be a custom Chevy truck, or another custom pickup truck from the Southeast or the Midwest. His truck might say, “I did my chores and worked hard all day so let’s go raise some hell.” He might love his dog, or honky tonks and all those “guy” things more than his girlfriend but he tries to convince her (and himself) that he loves her even more than he loves his truck when he sings:

“…And hell yes I love my truck but I want you to know
Honey I love your love the most.”

Rest assured that the driver of a custom Chevy truck, classic truck, new truck, beat up truck or any pickup truck is making a personal statement through man’s best friend, aka truck. The dog slipped to man’s second-best friend status. (Substitute woman for man as needed).

It seems the hard-core custom truck lovers have come out of their garages long enough to recruit more custom truck lovers. Custom Chevy trucks and other custom pickups might have different sized engines, drilled out pipes, extra shiny chrome or pimped out grills. But, similar to a young woman’s recent post on a social network, they appear to share the same sentimental bond with their pickups. “I wouldn’t trade her for anything. I love my truck.”

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