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Pentium 4 Laptops - The Evolution of Pentium 4 Laptops

intel processor processors technology

In the long line and relatively short history of computer laptops Pentium 4 single processing units came on the scene in 2000. Anticipated as the next tech breakthrough for Intel, Pentium 4 laptop models did not live up to all the hype. Pentium 4 laptops came with some impressive features overshadowed by some disappointing flaws.

Pentium 4 was supposed to be Intel’s solution to enabling a desktop processor to fit into a laptop model. Prior to its release, reputable companies like Gateway were sold on the pre-launch data. They endorsed Pentium 4 laptops and desktops as the fastest PCUs ever. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet all of the expectations for Gateway or even Intel’s own engineers who admitted the pre-release specs weren’t accurate.

The overall redeeming best feature of Pentium 4 laptops was clock speed. It was the king of megahertz. That single feature allowed marketers to convince the average buyer that a Pentium 4 laptop was the answer to all their technology dreams. Professional users were much more hesitant to buy Pentium 4 laptops, waiting for all the bugs to be worked out. On the positive side, it was cheap to add memory. The Pentium 4 laptops also became cheaper when Intel moved on with other configurations.

Eventually improving to the Pentium M design, Intel came up with a processor to beat the Pentium III’s performance. Also known as Centrino, the ‘M’ in Pentium M stood for mobile. The new version of Pentium 4 laptops became known as Pentium M notebooks. To make the Pentium M notebook Intel went back to the Pentium III design and transformed it into a mobile format. Efficient used models of Pentium 4 laptops once flooded the Internet and retail prices dropped when sales slowed down. It didn’t seem to matter if it was a desktop model or a laptop; Pentium 4 had too many snags. Buyers also showed more interest in AMD when Athlon was introduced to the market causing ups and downs in prices depending on demand. Consumers ended up with great bargains on laptop Pentium 4 computers. They worked great. As everyday normal use laptops, Pentium 4 machines did a good job. They just did not fulfill their destiny as multi-taskers.

Other problems with the Pentium 4 laptops existed. During its initial trial, developers were not impressed as the newer processor required reconfiguring codes to allow it to run programs on computers. Another issue was protecting the core from melting and the laptop user becoming uncomfortable due to heat. The processor produced too much heat making it impractical as a laptop. Intel introduced quick fixes to attempt evenly dispersing the heat with limited success. The company also created other band-aid upgrades. Third parties developed reconfiguration codes and new compiler tools were released to keep the Pentium 4 laptops on the map but by 2008 the processor seemed to fade out of the spotlight.

Intel invested heavily during the recent slump in the economy in preparation for the groundbreaking technology of the new Intel processor family. It shows little resemblance to its predecessor. Intel launched the first 32 nanometer processors with the Intel® Core™ i5 processors running twice as fast as other processing systems on the market. Their patented Turbo Boost Technology adapts to the user’s needs. Editing or downloading video, photo and music is much faster due to the new processors. One of the best highlights of the new Intel processors is the mainstream pricing for these efficient machines. Unlike the bad seed aka Intel Pentium 4 laptops, the new Intel processor laptops really are a technology dream.

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