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Men's Cashmere Sweater - Making a Statement with Men's Cashmere Sweaters

men’s wearing wear kashmir

Think men and cashmere sweaters. Let the image settle in a bit. Considering hot fashion trends for cold weather attire for men do not seem to include cashmere sweaters, men’s cashmere sweaters are obviously worn for a purpose other than the latest hot look.

So what type of man wears a cashmere sweater? Most likely the majority of guys wearing men’s cashmere sweaters are out to make a statement. They seem to fall into categories. The first category might consist of men who want to make a statement like, “Look at me and my luxuriously expensive cashmere sweater. It’s above your means. My old money commands respect as I command those around me.” The second category could be filled with men who want to say something like, “Hey! I am all about being independent. I don’t let anyone else get me dressed. I am confident. Plus I can look hot wearing tight red cashmere with my sexist pair of blue jeans.”

Of course, there are always a few cashmere sweater stragglers. There are those who get a men’s cashmere sweater for a gift from a girlfriend or relative and feel obligated to wear it. Then there is the man who combs his pet Kashmir goat for 6 days to collect enough cashmere to wash, dye and knit a sweater made from the wool on his best friend’s under belly. The remainder of those wearing men’s cashmere sweaters are guys who like the classy look and warmth of cashmere as well as women who simply prefer wearing a man’s cashmere sweater.

Men’s Cashmere Sweater Trivia
*Cashmere sweaters have been around for a long time with their origin traced to China where cashmere was touted as warm and lightweight.
*The most exclusive quality of cashmere wool comes from Kashmir goats in Pakistan, India or Mongolia. Iran and Turkey produce good quality cashmere.
*Harvesting the hair from the underbelly of a Kashmir goat can take up to three days.
*One Kashmir goat combing produces less than 6 ounces of wool.
*Cashmere sweaters were often made in Scotland or Italy bythe world’s top craftsmen who made each sweater by hand.

In today’s market some of the most popular (and most expensive) men’s cashmere sweaters are made by top designers. If you plan to wear the garment more than once, be extremely careful when hand washing this delicate item. Of course, do not wear deodorant or make-up when wearing cashmere to avoid permanent staining. When storing in airtight containers, throw in a moth ball. Cashmere tends to attract moths, hence the trend of strategic placing of name badges

If there are men out there looking around to fill that new designer cashmere sweater closet, go on line for a bevy of choices. For example, two nice designer men’s cashmere sweaters came up during a recent search. A lovely striped imported piece from the John Varvatos collection at Bergdorf Goodman is on sale at the discount price of only $220, down from the original ticket of $550. This discounted designer gem features a V neckline to enhance one’s muscular upper torso area. This particular Veridian (either a corporation or Latin word for dark green) and black striped men’s cashmere sweater comes with long sleeves and a handsome-although rather aloof, male model.

Another nice NEW WITH TAGS sweater by Chatham Roads is a listed item in EBay’s on-line clothing category. Found under the men’s clothing subheading, this navy blue V neck sweater is valued at about $60 somewhere with the $19.99 price slashed to $16.99 for three days only. This guaranteed authentic cashmere (90%) piece comes on a black painted metal manikin with some minor dents and signs of paint wear (the manikin, not the sweater). The sweater has no snags or frays. Buyers may want to consider several of these as gifts—as long as the men on your list wear a size small.

Both the Bergdorf Goodman and the E-bay On Line men’s cashmere sweaters are quite nice and available at fine department stores. Choose the one that best fits your suave sense of style.

Whatever the reason for wearing a cashmere sweater, any man should feel warmer and just a little classier during the experience.

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