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Fashion Marketing Jobs - Tips on fashion marketing jobs

career skills require technology

On a typical day you might bump into a super model primping for a runway strut or you might need to phone in a fast food order for a dozen people. Fashion marketing jobs require versatile employees.

As the job market keeps pace with social networking and the latest technology, the nature of many jobs also changes. Fashion marketing is just one example. Several jobs blend into one title requiring an educated creative applicant who is an expert at multi-tasking. Even though fashion marketing jobs demand a unique combination of talents it is a highly competitive career.

Working in the world of fashion might sound luxurious but many jobs in the industry require old-fashioned hard work. Essentially, candidates qualified to fill fashion marketing jobs are cross trained in several career strands. Applicants need to have solid computer skills, a formal education, an outgoing personality and a sense of fashion.

The top prospects for fashion marketing jobs often have some retail experience in sales, merchandise or management. Many have a background in digital technology as a web designer, graphic artist or writer. Experience in contrasting areas such as photography or taking inventory could enhance your portfolio to land a job in fashion marketing.

A career in fashion marketing blends a few key elements from other jobs to form its own job title. There is a wide range of job descriptions matching fashion marketing jobs depending on the type and size of the company, the location and many other variables. Typically, some characteristics found in fashion marketing jobs link to the following jobs:

*Public Relations. Working with several types of companies and venues requires effective verbal and written communication skills. Branding is a key in success in the industry.
*Event Marketing and Management. Connecting with others in a professional efficient manner is a vital skill for this job. You need to manage others without assuming authority, work as part of the team but also be able to work independently.
*Promotional Sales and Customer Service. It takes an outgoing personality as well as the ability to network successfully on a professional and informal level.
*Graphic Design. Fashion marketing jobs might require mastery of web design to maintain and update a business site or announce a new show or product. Brochures, posters, newsletters and other computer-based products may be part of the job description.
*Informational Technology. The latest electronic gadgets are used in this career to communicate around the world with clients. Desk-top publishing software and other important programs are also required.
*Writer or journalist. You may need to write press releases, write a pitch to sell an idea or write other publications.
*Photography or photo shoot stylist. Many people are involved in assisting with photo shoots. Whether fashion marketers are used—and to what extent, depends on the employer and the situation.

Fashion marketing jobs are more about performing certain skills than earning a particular degree. Successful candidates in fashion marketing could major in liberal arts, marketing, business or nearly any degree involving communicating with others. The common element found in fashion marketing jobs is a flare for fashion. In contrast, the marketing aspects of the job come from a wide-range of possible qualifications. For those interested in a career in fashion marketing, browse on line and talk to individuals in the field.

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