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Canon Gl2 Camcorders - Review of Canon GL2 DV Camcorder

quality digital images life

Any product with the Canon brand name automatically relates to quality photography. That holds true with the Canon GL2 Digital Camcorder. An ideal choice for documentary filmmakers, freelance videographers or smaller TV stations, in some aspects Canon GL2 camcorders live up to the Canon reputation. Its best feature involves quality images while it weakest feature points to battery life.

Features of Canon’s GL2 DV Camcorder

-20x optical /100x digital zoom lens
-1.7 megapixel still photo mode
-lightweight at 2 lbs 14.5 ozs loaded
-2 channel audio control
-omnidirectional microphone
-2.5 in flip-out LCD
-7.2 V DC power supply
-PCM digital sound: 16-bit (48 kHz/2ch); 12-bit (32 kHz/4ch)
-consumer digital VCR SD system
-software allows immediate transfer to PC, Mac, TV, VCR

One of the Canon GL2 Camcorder’s best ever features is the incredible images produced. The crisp detailed quality and impressive color fidelity is unmatched in comparable camcorder models. The ultra light weight of the Canon GL2 also takes away the need for bothering with a tripod as shooting by hand produces top quality film. By far the most impressive features of the Canon GL2 digital camcorder, the quality images and light weight make it a contender in its price range. The 20x optical zoom captures perfect images in blinding sunlight or poor lighting while the 1.7 megapixel creates life-like photos. Most consumers who are photography nuts realize the high photo quality of the Canon brand but the images from the GL2 go beyond any expectations.

One of the biggest disappointments of the Canon GL2 Camcorder is the substandard battery life. It is not reliable and just doesn’t fit in with the sleek modern impression of the camera’s looks. It doesn’t fit in with quality expectations either. Battery life is an issue Canon needs to improve to keep this model at the top of the pack. The microphone is less than impressive but a minor annoyance. The audio subsystem proves disappointing at times when it becomes too difficult to override the settings to keep up with the action of the tape. Becoming more familiar with the camera could resolve the problem.

The mention of settings leads to another slight issue with the Canon GL2 digital camcorder. The amount of buttons, switches, controls and/or gadgets on the camera immediately intimidates the user. It’s good to be able to switch each setting from auto to manual but not so much when you have to stop the whole process to refer to the instruction booklet. An important tip before using the camera—study the instruction manual and attempt to become familiar with all the controls. Okay, be more realistic and attempt to find the controls you might need and figure out how to use those settings. It seems almost like Cannon was trying to convince consumers that the number of buttons corresponds directly with the level of sophistication. But, the digital Canon GL2 is an excellent choice for new professionals in spite of the overdose of buttons.

What is the bottom line on the Canon GL2 Camcorder? Any serious film maker would be delighted with the powerful performance and incredible professional quality results. It is not perfect but it comes closer to perfection than any other mini DV camcorder in its price range.

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