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Medical Insurance Jobs - Careers in Medical Insurance

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With all of the recent changes to our health care system as a country and the ever increasing number of people who do not currently have health insurance, the career opportunities for this industry are rising. There is also a great number of new and exciting paths one can take when looking to make their career in this field. Insurance agents can service individuals, families, or groups through an employer. If you currently have a medical background you could work for an insurance company providing customers with better information explaining their benefits and assisting with preauthorization for treatments and prescriptions.
As a health insurance salesperson you would need to meet with your potential clients, offer a number of solutions to fit their needs, and market yourself effectively for the future. Health Insurance Sales offers the prospect of creating long term residual income as your clients continue with their health coverage. Choosing this career path allows you to work with businesses on a larger scale and families or individuals as well. If you already have a background in sales you will have a jump start over others who do not. But, if you like to be out, meet and network with others, and strive to provide the best options and coverage, you will do well in this career area of medical insurance.
Other options for those who enjoy an office setting are underwriters, claims management, or even risk management for the insurance company itself. These are all positions that require knowledge using computers and an analytical eye for detail. The job of an underwriter is to ultimately decide the approval or denial of claims and policies. You will examine all of the medical information given by the client and make your decision based on the company guidelines. Risk management positions examine the costs of claims for the insurance company and determine where changes and cuts can be made.
Working in the billing department is yet another career choice in medical insurance. This position requires you to look over the work done by a medical coder or another biller and to keep up with regulations set by the federal and state governments. You will also be responsible for submitting payment requests to insurance companies on behalf of the patient and submitting bills to the patient for the amounts insurance will not cover. This medical insurance career is one of the most versatile because you can work for hospitals, insurance companies, physicians’ offices, or rehabilitation and nursing facilities.
Medical coders have the responsibility of reading through patient notes given by nurses, doctors, and other treating medical personnel. Medical coders first determine what services were provided and then match those services with preset medical codes used by billing departments of insurance companies, hospitals, medical facilities, and physicians’ offices. Medical coding is similar to medical billing and they are both great choices when beginning your career in medical insurance. If you enjoy either of these positions, you can achieve status as a billing or coding specialist. These positions are more specific to certain areas of medicine and provide opportunities for income growth and telecommuting jobs.
Achieving a bachelor’s degree is beneficial before applying to any of these positions but not always necessary. There are several medical certificates available and previous experience is always something employers look for as they interview potential candidates. For the sales positions in the medical insurance field, a sales background of any kind will make up for any lack of secondary schooling. Even if you have no sales experiences do not worry. A nurse, for instance, with a background in medicine would be equally qualified for a health insurance sales position.
Salaries for all of these different health and medical insurance positions vary. A medical insurance sales position will be based partially or solely on your commissions, but provides a residual income that the other positions do not. According to payscale.com, a medical biller or coder can expect between $26,000 and $36,000 annually and specialists can receive upwards of that. Medical underwriters can earn an average of $44,000 per year. As you can see, there are many options for someone considering a career in medical insurance and as our country grows, positions in this industry will continue to rise and expand to new positions.

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