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Bed Head Hair Products - How to Get the Hair You Want with Bed Head Hair Products

hold shampoo help shine

Whether you have a hair problem you want to solve or are someone that loves to experiment with your hair, Bed Head offers hair products that will help you get the results you want. If you are not sure of the look you want, Bed Head products, many of which have fun edgy names, will give you ideas. Product names such as Bed Head Small Talk 3 in 1 Thickifier, conveniently inform the purchaser that the product will help your mane look thick and Bed Head Moisture Mania Shampoo has vitamins to provide your hair with extra moisture. Bed Head Hair products have identified just about every hair problem or style in one of their product names, but the variety of products, their easy to use directions, and their versatility make them appealing no matter what your hair type or style.

Bed Head Hair products can easily be mixed and matched to create virtually any look. The product line includes: shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, gels, and other products that enhance texture, reduce frizz, promote curls, smooth, shape, and hold styles. Most Bed Head products come in fun Caribbean colors that will make you think of a vacation before you even smell their fruity tropical scents.

Each Bed Head shampoo has its own unique blend of vitamins that helps deliver the look you are seeking. Although some products encourage use by a purchaser with a particular hair color, all products are safe for any color and Bed Head knows how to make experimenting fun. TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo, contains vitamins to hydrate hair, protect it, and enhance shine. TIGI Moisture Mania Shampoo has a soft tropical fragrance and adds moisture to hair while TG Bed Head Foxy Shampoo fights frizz and promotes curls. Most of Bed Head Hair conditioners complement Bed Head shampoos and are designed to be massaged into the hair and rinsed out. However, Bed Head Leave-In Volumizing Conditioner does not get rinsed out. The formula is designed to enhance volume and reduce tangles. Bed Head Conditioners promote shine, reduce tangles, and have ingredients that may address a particular hair problem.

Bed Head Hair offers many products that will help your hair maintain hold. TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Hair Spray can be used with heating implements such as curling or flat irons. Areas should be spot sprayed before applying heat and the spray will promote shine, hold, and protect the hair from the sun’s harsh rays. Bed Head Hard Head Spray provides hold without feeling sticky and Bed Head Maxxed Out Spray dries instantaneously and gives hair control, hold, and shine. Bed Head hairsprays are safe to use on colored hair. If you choose to maintain hold with a Bed Head hairspray, hold the nozzle about a foot away from the hair and gently mist.
When using Bed Head Hair products, your hands are one of your most important tools when styling. Bed Head gels will help your hair get hold and shine when a small amount is applied to your wet hair with your hands. Then your hair can easily air dry or be blown out.

Bed Head Manipulator enhances texture and should be applied with the hands to clean dry or wet hair. Manipulator is very versatile and can be used on any length or style hair to help promote texture. Bed Head Small Talk 3 in 1 Thickifier reduces frizz and helps hair become manageable, soft, and appear vital. Apply Thickifier to wet hair before blow drying.

If you want a curly look, try Foxy Girl Bed head Contour Cream to help define curls. Use the Foxy Girl Shampoo or choose another Bed Head Shampoo and Conditioner that complements your hair. Work the cream into your wet hair and twist small pieces around your finger to create curls. Blow dry the hair and gently separate the curls when your hair is dry for a fun curly style. Foxy Girl Bed Head Contour Cream adds curl, shine, and sun protection.

Enjoy your individuality and style by experimenting with Bed Head Hair products. The versatility and choice of Bed Head Hair products give you the freedom to change your look while catering to your hair’s specific needs.

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