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Bellsouth Fast Access

dsl connection type internet

In today’s day and age, it is possible to connect to the Internet in many different speeds. The type of speed that you use depends entirely on your interests and the things that you do while surfing the Internet. You have five different connection options. These options are dial-up, DSL, cable, Fios, and T1 lines. While each type of connection has its own type of benefits, there is no doubt that DSL is the most affordable type of connection. Although dial-up is cheaper, DSL is almost the same price while still being considerably faster. Other connections such as cable are faster than DSL and dial-up, but you will have to pay a hefty penny for this type of speed.

BellSouth Fast Access is normally for the people who live in the Southern area of the United States of America. While AT&T has taken control of BellSouth, many people still consider BellSouth as their main provider. BellSouth Fast Access is mostly used by customers who want to connect to the Internet at high speeds. Since it is faster than dial-up and still affordable, BellSouth Fast Access has become quite popular.

As far as landlines go, the major benefit of DSL is the fact that a person does not have to have a landline in order to use this service. However, if a person chooses not to use a landline, they will have to pay more for the service. This is mainly because the DSL connection travels through the wiring of a person’s phone line in order to provide Internet. There are bundling discounts available for people who order both the landline and the DSL connection.

BellSouth Fast Access DSL Light

Fast Access DSL Light is the most affordable speed available out of the BellSouth Fast Access packages. The connection speed for DSL Light is currently at a maximum of 768 kbps per download and 128 kbps per upload. This type of connection is great for those who do not really use the Internet much. If you do not download files, play online video games, or watch many online YouTube videos, then this type of connection would be perfect.

BellSouth Fast access DSL Ultra

Fast Access DSL Ultra offers download speeds of up to 1.5 mbps for just a few more dollars. This type of speed is great for someone who occasionally watches videos and downloads music.

BellSouth Fast Access DSL Extreme
Fast Access DSL Extreme is the package that most people buy. This is because it is great for the typical Internet user. It has a high speed of 3.0 mbps. Fast Access DSL Extreme is the type of connection that is great for streaming online videos, watching movies, and viewing YouTube videos.

BellSouth Fast Access DSL Extreme 6.0

Fast Access DSL Extreme 6.0 is the fastest type of DSL connection that is available from BellSouth. This connection actually competes with cable’s Internet speed. With this type of connection, you can play video games and download videos, photos, and music at higher speeds than before. For example, if you were to download a 1.5-megabyte song with a 3.5 mbps connection, it would take you three minutes. If you were to download a 1.5-megabyte song with Fast Access DSL Extreme 6.0, it would take you less than fifteen seconds.

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