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American Standard Faucet - Replacing an American Standard Faucet

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Here are some tips that will help you through the process of replacing a faucet. These are guidelines that will help you understand what you will need to do. When replacing a faucet, you should always follow the instructions provided by American Standard.

Start by making sure that you buy the right kind of faucet. There are a wide variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. Some faucets are not compatible with one another. You should measure the distance between the holes, and take the faucet to the store if possible. Before installing the faucet, read the American Standard faucet’s instructions carefully.

Make sure that you are using all of the right tools. You will typically need two pipe wrenches. One of them will hold the pipe in place, and the other will turn. They should be used only on pipe, and are likely to damage nuts and bolts. You will need a set of open ended wrenches, and it is useful to have an adjustable wrench as well. These will help you remove and install nuts. A closet spud wrench will help you get in to tight places. Strap wrenches are available for use on pipes if you are afraid of damaging their appearance. Vice grips are good for holding narrow pipes in place. Finally, basin wrenches are good for reaching nuts and bolts that other wrenches can’t.

Replacing iron piping with either copper or plastic tubing is a good idea, since these materials do not rust. You will need a transition union in order to do this.

There are several different kinds of faucets that you may want to install. American Standard faucets can be either pop up drain faucets or sink faucets.

Installing a faucet with a pop up drain involves several steps. Most are four inches across. Be sure you check to make sure. You would start by removing the old faucet and drain, inserting the new one and adding putty to the base, placing the faucet loosely into position by threading any locknuts into place. You would then add the drain plunger to the hole at the bottom, attaching it to the adjustment bar. At this point you will attach the pop up drain to the adjustment bar, then tighten all of the nuts and hook the faucet up to the water supply and the drain to the drainage system. Finally you would add the stopper, run the faucet, and making any necessary adjustments by changing where the lever assembly hooks into the holes.

A combination faucet is installed in a similar way, except that the handles for the cold and hot water are also installed separately. They are usually installed from beneath.

Sink faucets typically get their water from a single spout called a mixer. This is where hot and cold water are mixed together and controlled by a single handle. They often come with a spray hose as well. Most are eight inches across, although models that are six or four inches are available. There are two basic styles. The first is the exposed deck, in which the sink sits on top of a chrome base that shows above the sink. The second is called the concealed deck, in which the faucet does not have a base. The process of involving a sink faucet is different for every faucet, so you will need to read the instructions carefully.

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