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Jvc Digital Camcorders - Types of JVC Digital Camcorders

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The JVC company is a long trusted name in electronics. JVC digital camcorders are a top choice for shooting home videos on a budget, but with so many models, it’s hard to know where to start. If you are an amateur just starting out, or just looking for a new camera, JVC has a model just for you.

JVC is dealing almost exclusively with HD-Digital cameras. This means that each JVC digital camcorder records straight to an internal hard drive. This eliminates the need for tapes, DVDs, or mini DVDs. However, for instant viewing most of the cameras can still be hooked up to a television through a VCR or DVD player. This makes it possible to share videos with family, without having to burn the videos to DVD.

Each JVC camera records on a MPEG-2 Digital video format. This format is widely accepted by most editing software, which allows you to transfer the software into an editing system without compromising the quality. If an editing software does not accept the format MPEG-2, it is easily reformatted, using a reformatting software, although this may change the quality of the video. Make sure to check the computers editing software to find out if it takes MPEG-2 formatting. Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro and Window’s Vista Movie Maker all support MPEG-2.

If the computer cannot edit MPEG-2, or if the customer simply does not want to edit on the computer, many of the JVC digital camcorders have internal editing systems, including digital scene transitions and special effects. The options for scene transitions can range from simple fade transitions, to more complex transitions like directional wipes. Special effects often include Classic Film, Sepia, or Strobe. This can give the videographer many options and make any home video edgy and entertaining.

Price is a major factor when deciding what camera to get, therefore JVC has a wide range of pricing for their quality cameras. Quality video cameras can start as low as $75 and have a variety of options for size and capabilities. First, let’s review the cameras under $200.

The first JVC digital camera we’re going to look at is the JVC Picsio GC-FM1. This trendy camera has a handsome metal casing and comes in purple, blue or black. The camera itself is very small, just under 4 ounces, about the size of a Blackberry Pearl. This simple camera includes many features like a tripod socket, a USB and mini-HDMI jacks. It’s a simple starter camera, with few built-in features. This camera also has still picture capabilities, which makes it a good all around camera for vacations and special events. The Picsio costs between $75-$150.

Higher in the $200 range is the JVC Everio GZ-MS120. This camera has more features and better internal software than the Picsio. The Everio features an LCD flip-out color screen, that can be used to access its full menu. The Everio has 16GB of built in memory and has space for 2 SD/SDHC cards. This allows 64GB of storage, that’s 15 hours of footage! This is an excellent choice for a low-grade camera.

In the $300 – $500 range, there are even more options. The JVC Everio GZ-HD620 is a hand-held mid-grade hard drive camera. This camera has at built in 120GB hard drive, which allows not only longer shooting time, but also higher resolution of footage. Like the Picsio, this camcorder also comes in a variety of stylish colors, like ruby red and royal blue.

For pocket-sized quality, one might look to the JVC Everio Microdrive Camcorder. This light weight camcorder is sleek, but also has the quality and power of the Everio GZ-HD. This JVC digital camcorder has a 200x digital zoom, as well as internet editing software. This pocket-sized camera generally costs about $500.

JVC is an excellent choice for a low-cost camera that’s user friendly. JVC digital camcorders tend to be cheaper then other comparable cameras. Whether you are looking for a colorful trendy camera to capture moments in your life, or looking for a solid camera to archive quality memories for a lifetime, JVC has a wide range of quality cameras.

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