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Cheap Asp Hosting - Tips on Cheap ASP Hosting

hosts site offer features

Not all web hosts are created equal. And, while you may have already decided that you require
cheap ASP hosting to keep withing your budget, there are also other considerations.
Such as, what other features do you need or want for your websites hosting?

What’s better than “cheap ASP hosting”? How about “free ASP hosting?” That might
sound good to the budget. But, even in the relatively brief history of online marketing,
hundreds of webmasters have been burned by free hosts who either abruptly closed
up shop, or announced that on a certain date you would have to start paying or move
elsewhere. And usually, moving elsewhere required them to virtually start over since
their url was something like www.freehost.com/mybiz. And so, months or even years of
promotion went down the drain along with the old url.

Then of course there were the hosts that set such low limits on monthly bandwidth
that end-of-month visitors were directed to an error page announcing that the site had
exceeded its allotment of bandwidth and was unavailable at this time. And they never
told the visitor WHEN the site would be available again.

One inescapable fact of online marketing is that free hosting is unprofessional. And
can end up being darned inconvenient if you have to start all over again from scratch.
Expensive if you’ve paid to promote the site.

This is especially true when there are so many options for cheap asp hosting. But before you sign up for Google’s top listing for that search term, or follow some webamster’s
recommendation for hosting, you might want to think about other features you may need.
Planning to install a WordPress blog? Some hosts offer the Fantastico script installer to
make it easy, along with a selection of themes. Many hosts offer WYSIWYG editors to
make it easier to create your site.

If you’re planning on doing some Internet marketing, you might find unlimited
autoresponders helpful. And for products, a shopping cart is helpful too. Password-
protected pages allows you to offer premium content—for a price. Email forwarding
can send incoming emails to your primary email account without publicly revealing that
email address to spammers.

Many other popular options may include cgi scripts, statistics, and search submission. And if you anticipate creating multiple sites, there are low-priced hosts that allow unlimited websites with a single hosting account, so you can have the option of diversifying your internet business with a minimal investment.

Furthermore; some hosting packages even include a domain name as well with your cheap asp hosting plan. You do want to make sure though if this is the case that you’ll be able to maintain that domain name even if you should decide to change hosting companies later on.

As a rule, you’ll get the lowest pricing by paying for the longest term. For example,
monthly rates might be as low as $5, while you can buy an annual plan for $24—or $2 a
month. Some hosts allow you to use PayPal; others require a credit card. There are even
a few that accept electronic checks.

There is also a wide range of support features. If you run an e-commerce website, beware of hosts that only offer email support as it will seem like an eternity waiting for a response when you have a problem and there could be a sizeable profit loss from your sites downtime.
The best hosts offer several support options—email, toll-free phone, or Live Chat. If
you’ll be working on your site on nights and weekends, you’ll want support available
then, not from 9-5 on weekdays.

Most cheap asp hosting companies offer several ‘packages”. The primary difference will be the size limitations of the site, cost, and the use of bandwidth. If you choose the most economical option, make sure that you can upgrade quickly and easily if you outgrow your site. Also watch out for “setup” fees that can add considerably to your initial payment.

It might be helpful to create a spreadsheet listing features and pricing so you can make
comparisons as you go, instead of trying to remember which host offered what and
having to backtrack to the same sites again and again.

When you find a host that meets your criteria, check online for complaints by other
webmasters. There are too many hosting options to risk problems with a host that other
webmasters have had problems with.

Cheap asp hosting isn’t hard to find. And by finding the right package of features you will make your web business easier, more productive, and more profitable for years to come.

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