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Kohler Toilet Parts - All About Kohler toilet parts

tank replacement genuine model

When it comes to Kohler toilet parts, you can be sure you will find all sorts of toilet parts that are currently available. We stock genuine Kohler toilet parts, such as the float valve assemblies, flappers, ballcocks, and even trip levers. All Kohler products we stock are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). That means that they are genuine replacement Kohler toilet parts manufactured by Kohler, so you know you’re buying quality. It’s important to get the best quality, and you can do that for your toilet by making sure to purchase only genuine replacement Kohler toilet parts to fix your repair your toilet.

How long should the Kohler toilet parts inside your toilet’s tank last? The answer depends on many different factors. The replaceable Kohler toilet parts are durable and may last up to seven years. However, if your water is treated with chemicals, if there is a toilet bowl cleaner inside, or if your home has high water pressure, the Kohler toilet parts are more likely to end up needing to be repaired or replaced sooner.

Kohler toilet parts are the best in the industry. Of note is the Kohler Glenbury style Quiet Close toilet seat with a factory tested flush actuator and patented Quick Release functionality. There are many other types of genuine Kohler toilet parts that may eventually need replacement or repairs. A short list would include Kohler brand flappers, Kohler vulcanized rubber flush balls, high performance stems, Kohler model trip levers, “Flush and Fill” valves, durable trim plates, chrome handles, high performance escutcheons and even Kohler valve sleeves. Genuine replacement Kohler toilet parts also include toilet tank trip levers available for many Kohler manufactured model toilets including 1 piece and 2 piece style toilets.

Buying the correct replacement Kohler toilet parts can be tricky work, so it is a smart idea to know exactly Kohler toilet parts your toilet actually uses. It’s a good idea to take a few photos of your Kohler toilet parts. When you are not sure how to remove the Kohler toilet parts, you should at least take a picture of the toilet. Make sure to also write down both the name and the model or model number of your toilet. You will usually find this information carved or embossed on the inside wall of the toilet’s tank. Sometimes this information will be along the underside of the toilet tank lid, or possibly written on the toilet bowl behind the toilet seat’s hinge. Having this information makes finding the Kohler toilet parts you need much easier.

When a toilet is refurbished, there a possibility that the original Kohler toilet parts have been changed out. That means the toilet parts already installed might not be Kohler toilet parts— they might not even match the brand of your toilet. So let this be a lesson to you: never throw away old Kohler toilet parts unless you are sure the new Kohler toilet parts are in proper working condition. Remember, just because your hardware or plumbing supply store does not carry certain Kohler toilet parts you need does not mean that those parts are no longer being sold by Kohler. It simply means that particular store does not have the Kohler toilet parts you are looking for in stock.

Even with Kohler toilet parts, you must beware “vacation syndrome” damaging your toilet’s parts. The syndrome gets its name from those who go on an extended vacation only to return and discover that the toilet has leaked because the washers or the rubber gaskets have degraded. This problem is caused by some additives in toilet tanks that settle when the toilet is not used for long stretches of time. The concentration of chlorine gets stronger, leading to damage to the Kohler toilet parts. Not using a toilet for long periods of time doesn’t just lead to “vacation syndrome” problems, however. Toilet bowl and toilet tank cleaner additives that build up can also cause “lazy flush”. That means the toilet must be flushed many times in a row in order to clear the bowl. One solution is to invest in Kohler’s renowned Class Five flushing system to get the best possible flushing performance for your toilet.

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