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Best Cell Plans - What are the best cell phone plans?

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“Can you hear me now?” has become one of America’s top catch phrases. In a society where virtually everyone owns a cell phone it can become a major headache to try to find which cell phone carrier offers the best plan, for an individual and/or family. Especially with each carrier ultimately competing with one another in print and television how can you insure that you find the plan that best suits you? Verizon Wireless and AT&T are the leading competitors in the cell phone market.

Before beginning the search for the ultimate cell phone plan, make note of what is important to you. Do you have family and friends nationwide, therefore making free nationwide calling mandatory? Perhaps you have family and friends residing in another country and you need international calling. Do you have a young teen that will be added to your plan? Texting is all the rage with teens, and young adults. You may want to look for plans that offer unlimited texting options. Or perhaps you are looking to cut additional expenses and relieving your landline might be the first to go- be sure you find a plan that offers free night and weekend calling to ensure your bill stays low. Is it necessary to have a data plan installed on your phone (which generally comes with an additional fee), but allows the ease of browsing the web and checking your E-mail. Be educated. Don’t go into any cell phone store blind and unaware of all the possible options otherwise you are a sitting bullseye to get raked over the coals.

Lets begin with Verizon Wireless. Verizon is the largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States, with over 92.8 million users. The cheapest plan offered on this network is a $39.99/month plan for a individual user. The Verizon Nationwide Talk plan includes 450 minutes of talk, with unlimited night and weekend minutes (beginning at 7pm). You get free Verizon to Verizon minutes- so talk with any of those other 92.8 million users…for free! Text messaging is not included on this plan, but can be included for an additional fee. If uninterested in purchasing a text messaging plan, each text will be $.10 for every text message received and sent. $59.99/month is the next available plan for the Verizon network. There are two plans available at this monthly price. The first is virtually the same as the Verizon Nationwide Talk plan, only it includes a texting plan (Nationwide Talk and Text). The second, also a Verizon Nationwide Talk plan offers 900 minutes of talk, unlimited nights and weekends, and free Verizon to Verizon calling. Text messaging is not included in this plan. The next Nationwide Talk plan is $69.99/month which offers unlimited talk time (no text messaging). That’s right— talk until your heart is content; all for $69.99 a month. The next plan, another Nationwide Talk and Text plan is $79.99/month and comes complete with 900 minutes of talk time, unlimited texting, unlimited nights and weekends, and free Verizon to Verizon calling. For completely unlimited calls, and unlimited texting plans begin at $89.99/month. In regards to family plans, most plans run relatively similar to the individual plans. There are four Nationwide Talk and Text familyshare plans available through Verizon Wireless. Prices range from $99.99 a month to $149.00 a month which include 700 monthly minutes to an unlimited number of minutes. All other questions regarding these plans, their specifics, what they offer and include should be directed to your local Verizon store.

AT&T is highly competitive with Verizon Wireless. AT&T- which now homes the ever popular iPhone, offers three different plans for individuals. They also have a feature called “A-list” which allows you to add your five favorite people, and you can talk to them for free! The first, beginning at $39.99/month offers 450 minutes (all plans include Rollover minutes- any month where the allowance of minutes is not used, the unused minutes roll into next months plan, which can ultimately accumulate numerous minutes!) This particular plan includes 450 daytime minutes, 5,000 night and weekend minutes, and free mobile to mobile minutes. For $59.99/month you can get the same exact plan as previously mentioned, only double the time allowed for day time minutes, and this includes AT&T’s A-list. That’s 900 daytime minutes, 5,000 night and weekend minutes and free mobile to mobile, and talk to your five-fave’s for free! $79.99 gets you unlimited daytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, and unlimited mobile to mobile. AT&T requires an additional texting plan be added to their plans. Also, the above mentioned plans do not include long distance or roaming, however, AT&T does offer more plans for Nationwide calling. Additionally, AT&T’s plan slightly differ for their family plans. Each family plan comes with a shared allowance of minutes, with a $9.99 additional fee per added line. Rollover, free nights and weekends, and free mobile to mobile generally come standard in each family plan. Two plans, beginning at $89.99/month and $109.99/month allow you to pick your five favorite people to be included in your A-list. For further details regarding each plan, please see your local AT&T store.

Inevitably, signing up with AT&T and Verizon Wireless lock you into a two year contact. If getting involved in a contract is not something you are keen on, both cell phone providers offer a no-contract/pre-paid phone service. Also known as a “pay-as-you-go”, both Verizon Wireless and AT&T, offer this as a contract-free option.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless are not your only two options while in the market for a new cell phone carrier. T-Mobile, and Sprint are also well known, and provide nationwide service and virtually the same types of packages. T-Mobile offers plans starting at $39.99/month for 500 minutes, on an individual plan. Family plans for T-Mobile start as low as $59.99/month for 750 minutes. The benefit of T-Mobile is low cost for each additional line added to the plan. Generally, companies start additional lines at $9.99, whereas for T-Mobile each extra line is $5.99. Sprint on the other hand has a very basic and generic plan starting at $29.99 for 200 minutes (individual plan) or $69.99 for a family plan. Sprint offers an “everything” plan which isn’t seen from Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile. For $189.00 (family plan), all your necessities are covered; text all you want, talk all you want! Web-Browsing, GPS, TV and Radio are all at your fingertips for a very reasonable price.

Clearly, that is an abundance of information with options to suit everyone’s needs. Plans from all companies can cover your basic essentials and range all the way to fit the needs of cell phone experts. Before going to any store to look at any phone be aware of what you are about to get your self into, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have as this can be a long term investment.

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