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Osceola County Property Appraiser

tangible personal property questions

Osceola County is a wonderful place in Central Florida to own a house or other form of personal or business property. Adjacent to Disney World, numerous other theme parks, and all that Orlando has to offer, it provides convenience, attractions, dining, shopping, and something for every member of the family. For any family, couple, or individual who owns property here, they will need to become acquainted with the Osceola County Property Appraiser. When it is time to file for homestead exemptions, tangible property exemptions, and to pay property taxes, this important individual and her office is the one with whom any homeowner will be required to work.

It is helpful to know the name and background of a person or family’s property appraiser and perhaps a staff member or two in the office. The Osceola County Property Appraiser is Katrina Scarborough. She was elected to the office of Property Appraiser back in 2008. Katrina is a Certified and Master Cadastralist of Florida, as well as a Certified Florida Appraiser. She is furthermore a member in good standing of the Florida Chapter of the International Association of Assessing Officers, the Florida Association of Property Appraiser’s, the Property Appraiser’s Association of Florida, and the Florida Association of Cadastral Mappers. As a long time veteran of twenty years in the field of property appraising, Katrina has worked in practically all areas of the Property Appraiser’s Office for Osceola County, as well as in the field throughout the area. At one point, she went to work in the upper level management for the Tax Collector Patsy Heffner. Katrina then returned in 2006 to the Property Appraiser’s Office in order to fulfill the role of Chief of Staff under the leadership of Atlee Mercer. While working in such a position, Katrina handled the office’s daily operations, oversaw the annual budget, and maintained the Property Ownership Records and the Tax Roll.

Katrina Scarborough is a long time local area resident. Having graduated from Osceola High School, Katrina then advanced to Valencia Community College. She has served in various community service and involvement capacities, including as a Board Member for the Osceola County Board of Adjustment and as a Board of Directors Member of the Kissimmee Little League.

Katrina’s Property Appraiser Office offers a variety of critical services to members of the public. Among these are granting public member access to the Osceola County Property Record Searches. They also offer access for members of the public to the Osceola County Tangible Personal Property Searches, also known as the TPP.

When a homeowner or potential home buyer in Osceola County has questions concerning the rules pertaining to Homestead Exemption, or alternatively Tangible Personal Property Exemption, then Katrina’s office is the one to which they will either go in person, call on the phone, or navigate to the website. Her office fields a wide variety of these types of questions. Among them are the following specific questions along with their accompanying answers, as listed below:

Homestead Exemption Question

How Am I Able to File Personally for the Homestead Exemption?

For any individual who seeks to make application for the homestead exemption, then he or she will have to file directly with the county in which the homestead property is located. For the residents of Osceola county, they have the advantages of being able to either file online, in person, or even by mail, via filling in the online form and mailing it. Applications in Osceola County are taken in all year long, so long as it is during normal business hours. These applications have to be filed no later than the first of March for the year in which the person is seeking to apply. There is currently no charge for filing a homestead exemption request.

Tangible Personal Property Questions

What are the details of the Recently Changed Tangible Personal Property Exemption?

The Tangible Personal Property Exemption proves to be the exemption from property taxes to the sum total of the first $25,000 for assessed value on tangible personal property. Such an exemption pertains to mobile home attachments as well as to business tangible personal property. In order to receive this exemption, the individual concerned must file a Tangible Personal Property Tax Return.

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